They never received my defective part?


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Jun 28, 2007
East Lansing, MI
Hi there...I have a problem.

I bought my dad a 2nd-gen shuffle for his birthday last year. About a month ago, the left earbud stopped working so I sent it in (it was still under warranty and Apple sent me their package). I got the replacement and that same day I sent back the broken earbuds in the envelope Apple provided. About two weeks ago, I got the confirmation letter saying that everything worked out okay. Today, I woke up and saw a $40 charge on my credit card. I called up Apple, they said they never received the part, and that they'll credit me if I can provide a tracking number or something for the part I sent back.

I don't think I have any evidence of anything because when I got the "Everything worked okay" letter in the mail, I threw it out because...everything was okay.

I've learned the lesson that I shouldn't toss anything anymore, but what can I do about being charged? $40 is a lot for a college student and I don't have very much money anyways with textbooks and all. Is there anything I should do/can do/anyone in particular to contact?



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Aug 27, 2006
The real lesson here is to always get tracking when sending something back to the company. I would think Apple would have had tracking on it. In which case you should have written it down. Maybe call and ask if their was tracking on the envelope already.

I would call and ask for a reduced rate on the headphones, say $20. I don't think you are going to be able to get them to get rid of the charge.


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Jul 20, 2004
They should be able to get the tracking number via your case file. You could also dispute the charge with your CC company.