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May 28, 2014
11.4 is out and according to the release notes, it states something about Podcasts.
WHO CARES? Me certainly not.

And they want me to reboot the mac for this 4GB update? Can't they just state what they really change upfront?

I come to the conclusion, that the mac is becoming more and more a newbie operating system. The word UNIX is also nowhere to be found on macos press materials. They had a time where they were proud of that rock solid foundation.

Today: Podcast "App" (can't hear that word anymore, pure dumbification of computing) , restart necessary...


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Jan 26, 2014
Horsens, Denmark
macOS Big Sur is still Unix certified.
Software on OS X has always been referred to as applications or "apps".

I'm not sure Apple's release notes have ever been complete and they certainly are not in this case. 11.4, I guarantee you, does more than just update

I run the beta program and I can tell you that my XNU version was updated on May 10th, so the kernel regularly gets updated with macOS releases and the foundational stuff is included in these updates.

Why do you need the marketing to tell you macOS is a Unix-like platform? It is not dumbed down, it is as it has always been. You still have the Terminal.

A lot of the changes that Apple don't list are also changes from upstream. If things get pushed to FreeBSD or any of the other open source projects Darwin/XNU/macOS use, Apple will eventually merge those changes (except for cases like versions of Bash newer than 3.2 where Apple for a long time maintained a rather isolated Bash 3.2, presumably because of changes to GPL v3 but I never looked into if the change happened at that version) - So the release notes in a way are available for those projects when you compare version differences.

Now don't get me wrong, I'd love a more detailed changeling, but no offence, you say "Who cares" - I don't think you'd care for a 900 page list of minor tweaks, changes and bug fixes to minor components or changes to wordings in man pages or whatever.

I can also tell you that while macOS does not come with a sudoedit symlink by default, this CVE has been (by me just now) confirmed fixed in macOS 11.5 (beta), perhaps also in 11.4

and it is confirmed to have affected prior versions of Big Sur.

In conclusion; Things do change


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Apr 19, 2004
Not sure if it started with this update or before, but it seems this Podcast app stopped remembering which episodes of my podcasts I had already listened too. Great!...
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