things i'd like to see in the next nano

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    I think we can all agree that the clickwheel was almost perfect for the ipod line. I read some of the old threads about the first, second and third nano and no one complained about it being complicated to use. However, in the most recent nano, a lot of people complain about the nano having a small screen for its multi touch. Not to te point of being unusable, as it still does the job, but not as good as the clickwheel.
    Also, it's so small and square that it's not so easy to use in one hand. You have to hold with two hands to get a good grip on it. Not a very good feature if you're a runner.
    In this video you can see they cut the nano 5g above the clickwheel. I'd like something similar to that. Rectangular shape (better grip) , widescreen (higher resolution) and smaller. Also, I think it would be great if the touch countrols were made again. I was thinking in something like, on screen touch clickwheel. A bigger screen would make it even easier to use. Aluminium case of course.
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    Personally, I hated the clickwheel ... at least on the classic and mini ... never used a clickwheel nano for more than a few minutes. I always found it difficult to get it to go fast enough to scroll through a list of 100's of songs, but then stop on a dime when I got to the one I wanted. I find the nano's touch UI to be much more intuitive and easy to control.

    I have no issues with the nano when I run. However, I typically set up playlists and set them on "shuffle". I also use a remote headphone adapter to control volume and play/pause/skip. In fact, the only time I actually touch the nano when I'm running is to check my pace/HR (using Nike+) and to end a workout. I find my workouts are much better if I'm not fidgeting with finding and playing songs.

    As for features on the next nano that I'd like to see ...

    1. Built-in Nike+ receiver. The current nano doesn't have the ability to connect to the footpod or other accessories without the receiver.

    2. Built-in Bluetooth.

    3. Better battery life.

    4a. More Nike+ features and accessories. I'd love a GPS dongle that would integrate with Nike+ iPod.

    4b. Another thing I find annoying that should be fixed ... when you have a Nike+ heart rate strap on, they should have an "app" that will take a continuous HR without having to start a workout.

    4c. Another Nike+ annoyance ... the HR workout should give you an audible signal when you're above or below your HR zone levels. Right now, you have to click the sleep button to get an update, or look at the screen (which turns off after 30 seconds).

    Things that would be nice to have (for me).

    1. Built-in speaker

    2. An optional wifi dock that would charge and sync my nano to a Mac/PC on the home network.

    3. Waterproofing - would be useful to track HR during swimming.
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    things i'd like to see in the next nano

    I use my Nano on a watch band. It eliminates handling and makes control more convenient. I'd like to see the following:

    1) An alarm clock that lets you set a wakeup time and when docked, will play the music or radio station of your choice upon waking.
    2) A calendar that allows you to attach memos to specific dates.
    3) A clipless version with bigger battery and bluetooth.
    4) A built in mic and antenna.
    5) Waterproofing.

    I use the Nano in a speaker dock at night. The alarm function would wake me up to my music. The calendar/memo function would allow me to check only those memos I need to remember for that day. Since I wear it as a watch, the clip space would serve me better as battery for bluetooth.
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    All I ask for is bluetooth and maybe a tad smaller form factor for us using them as watches.
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    Each of these watches is different, but all go way beyond the Nano in terms of function and price. While many mock the form factor, the wrist watch has 100 years on the pocket phone and offers many practical advantages as devices get smaller, including security and ease of use. If Apple wants to compete, they'll need to take the Nano much further. How they respond may be very interesting.

    LG watch/phone:

    Sony watch/phone:


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