Things to make the iPhone better for 2nd Gen?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pr5owner, Jun 30, 2007.

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    Jun 10, 2007
    Why I didn’t get an iPhone on first release and what apple should do to make it better for 2nd release (so they can compete with european phones)

    1. Bang for the Buck (the iPhone is $500-$600 + 2yr contract, my X01HT was $450 shipped, duties, taxes, basically to my door, my phone is completely unlocked and I can use it on any provider I wish with NO CONTRACT)
    2. Missing high security password (I can use either simple or adv on my X01HT, that’s letters AND numbers)
    3. Voice Dialing (either pre-recorded or full voice command, this is a safety concern, you should not occupy both hands while driving on anything other than driving the car/holding the steering wheel, without voice dialing and tactile feel, you need both hands to do ANYTHING with the phone, on most phones you hit the MFB button on my Bluetooth headset, say Call “persons name” and confirm, why did they leave this out)
    4. Voice Digit Dialing (even the Razr V3x has this)
    5. Crippled 3rd party support (websites are not an application)
    6. No MMS (some phones don’t support HTML email which is the majority, and i’m not remembering everyone’s full 10 digit number as well as the email domain name from their carrier, I cant even copy and paste the address)
    7. No built in instant messaging or 3rd party support (this is ridiculous, even the business oriented blackberry has support for ALL popular protocols, just who exactly is the iPhone marketed towards?)
    8. 1st Gen models don’t have 3.5G yet in a couple months European versions do? (not confirmed but still, you cant sell in Europe without 3.5G, also you are paying 3G rates for data fees as its mandatory, but you don’t get 3G, also don’t tell me that 3.6mbit Vs 250kbit is something that isn’t important and can you can look the other way)
    9. Crippled video support, (only plays h.264 which NO OTHER PHONE CAN RECORD. The standard is 3gp and some others can do MP4, mine does both record and play. My X01HT can play any format I choose, even the windows media player supports multiple formats )
    10. Lack of Removable battery (some blackberry users would die if they lost this ability, this is not even a feature, it should be mandatory, also what happens if you want more battery life? Buy some corded battery pack? I prefer just buying a high capacity battery for my X01HT, 10hrs talk )
    11. Self serviceable battery (Out-of-warranty battery replacement: $79 + $6.95 shipping? $80 for a battery is just a rip off. I can get an OEM battery replacement for my Softbank and it costs me $15 SHIPPED)
    12. Difficult one handed use because of the lack of tactile feel (this was true for my older HTC Prophet, however the prophet had a D-PAD, menu and ok buttons, my X01HT has a jog dial, Steve jobs reason is because devices with keyboards cant change, they are static. This is strange because the devices he shows in the video had mapable buttons, this is a built in utility in WM5/6 where you can assign any task or application to launch)
    13. Choice of plan - Mandatory Data fees, Mandatory Voice fees (I don’t let any company tell me what to do with my cell phone plan)
    14. Choice of carrier (looks like the iPhone is REALLY locked to ATT, it maybe highly difficult to unlock at this point in time)
    15. Crippled camera (no video of any kind!, no templates, no advanced options like exposure, burst, high speed shutter, panoramic mode, etc also just because some of the users out there don’t use the camera doesn’t mean its ok to turn a blind eye. I use the camera on my x01ht not to take pictures but to decode QR Barcodes, OCR business cards to pocket outlook, OCR documents, etc)
    16. Themes (if the iPhone is all about looks, why cant you theme anything on it? I don’t think you can even change your icons, that’s -1 for looks)
    17. Same iPod restrictions apply (apple forces you to do it their way, I would rather my phone show up as a removable drive like a USB flash drive and just drag my songs and play lists on, I don’t enjoy installing bloated garbage like iTunes, which just got even more bloated. I enjoy using my choice of audio format, FLAC, OGG, MP3, etc)
    18. Lack of UMS capability (Steve jobs said in his announcement video that it’s the best iPod they have ever made, ok it may look the best but even the lowest and cheapest iPod’s are capable of UMS, UMS for those who don’t know basically means your iPod shows up as a Drive letter or removable drive so you can drag and drop files to it, with the iPhone no such thing exists, IMO this is a step back from even an iPod shuffle)
    19. Streaming Radio/Audio (apparently the iPhone cant do it or it has a very low compatibility with most stations, but it can stream QT movies from apple’s website?)
    20. Cannot use a screen protector since it uses capacitive touch (your skin must touch the glass) I would rather have a screen protector on my phone and when I sell it after around 1 yr, the screen will look exactly how it looked when I took it out of the box, I’ve been doing this since 4 pda’s ago, and every one I’ve sold had a perfect screen, this will also limit the options for a case)
    21. Games? (These are easy to add through firmware update or patch in iTunes, but #1, I don’t install bloated software, #2 it should come with at least solitaire, or do they want people to watch you tube and waste their money on data fees? The cheapest of phones had this, my first phone, a Nokia 3360 even had 3 games)
    22. Expandable memory (no expandable memory, if your internal memory fails you are HOOPED, if my MicroSD card fails, I buy another 2-4GB for $20-$65 at the most)
    23. Cannot edit documents (what if i'm emailed a document that I have to make a change too, do I have to go back to my pc to do that? That alone contradicts the word “mobility” on my X01HT, not only can I edit word docs and spreadsheets, I can edit and also create power point slides, hell I can make any document I wish actually with 3rd party support. The reason why I bring this up is because in the announcement video Steve compared the iPhone with smart phones and black berries all of which support document editing)
    24. no LED Flash or LED Flash light, (even that cheap garbage Nokia 2125i phone from virgin mobile has an led light, I have used the led flash to get a clearer picture for the business card OCR program I have, I’ve also used it in a really dark hall way when the power went out during a snow storm)
    25. ultra crippled Bluetooth stack (apparently it does not have any Bluetooth profile except HSP, what the hell good is that going to do? You cant exchange your contact info with another Bluetooth phone or even an iPhone, you cant send pictures or documents, you cant retrieve pictures from a Bluetooth camera, you cant get on a Bluetooth network which has >EDGE speeds 1mbit and low power, you can sync wirelessly which is really handy, cant use your phone as a modem for your laptop, the BT stack on the phone is completely useless, I don’t even think it will pair with cars that require HFP, SAP and PBAP, if you are going to make the Bluetooth support WORSE than TELUS and Verizon phones then this is an automatic deal breaker)
    26. Lack of A2DP (this goes with the crippled Bluetooth statement, however, not very many people know what Bluetooth really is, but many people want wireless headphones as well as wireless everything, reminds me of the people that think routers are plug and play, no security, still apple apparently markets the device as an iPod as well, well A2DP and playing Music go hand in hand)
    27. GPS Support? (unconfirmed if Google maps will talk to a GPS via SPP or virtual com port through Bluetooth, I don’t even think the iPhone supports SPP, my phone doesn’t have a built in GPS but I have a Global Sat BT308 which I got in 2003 and its never had a problem, that GPS device has paired with 14 different PDA’s and they’ve all recognized it, both WM and Sym)
    28. choose my own ring tones (I want to use mp3’s that I made myself using Nero wav editor and audacity, I don’t want to pay for it, I already have a folder on my computer for ring tones and with my current phone I just drag and drop the folder to my PDA’s \windows\rings\ folder. I don’t want iTunes to convert it or charge me for it, I just want to use the freaking ring tone! No phone should be this difficult in getting a ring tone onto it. I prefer a different tone for each person so I can identify who is calling right away. How much money do I have to pay apple to use my own ring tones on a phone that I bought for $600)
    29. Bloated OS (the OS alone takes around 700MB on your FORMATTED 4-GB partition, if you see above the iPhone is lacking so many features, what is the 700MB actually doing? I doubt the animation takes that much. On a WM5 phone the OS takes around 60MB? But has support for how many things? WM can handle literally thousands of 3rd party applications)
    30. Apparently you cant change the background of the home screen ($600 and you cant change the background image? Everyone has the same home screen, way to think different!! The cheapest of Samsung or Nokia's can change the background)
    31. Compatibility with headphones, apparently there is a small plastic lip (the connector is recessed) that will prevent connectors like the one found on the Sony MDR-V300 (it has screws/threads for the larger 6.3mm audio adapter, also some SHURE and SENHEISER headphones are reported to not fit, how can they have over looked this problem? The earphones that come with the iPhone are not everyone’s cup of tea, lack of A2DP doesn’t help either)
    32. Higher Resolution Videos (cannot even SYNC any video over 480p, on mine i've played 720p videos using the ATi Imageon driver built into TCPMP without a hitch, this means you have to re-encode all your videos)
    33. Business Accounts (apparently if you have a family plan or business account already, you will be prevented from activating your phone, this is ridiculous, it shouldn’t really matter what you have because you already paid, Again, Steve compared it with phones that were meant for the business worlds, IE SMART PHONES, yet you cant use a business plan?)
    34. Legacy Support (you have to BUY 10.4.10 OSX if you have 10.3.9 or earlier, and that’s over $100USD, what PHONE makes you buy a new OS? That is totally unreasonable)
    35. Cannot tether phone (cant use it through Bluetooth nor can you use the USB cable to get internet connectivity on a laptop or desktop, yet you are forced into a data plan that you can only surf at edge speeds, yet every other phone will allow you to hook it up, most phones have an option to change to “modem” mode, a $600 phone that’s not capable of DUN)
    36. No Java applet support (most phones have this, it allows the phone to run 3rd part applications that can give it MUCH MORE functionality, IE RAZR has a crappy built in browser, you get Opera mini for FREE and you have full HTML)
    37. Lack of File Browser (my Brothers 4 year old Siemens SK65 had a FULL file browser which you can delete, copy and move things around, all Symbian and WM5/6 phones have an internal one as well, most file browsers will let you send files, email files, etc as a menu option, but the iPhone with its “massive” 8GB storage has none? When I say massive I mean not a lot of phones have this much storage, but even phones with 32MB of storage has browsers to manage your files)
    38. Inability to attach files to mail? (this relates to the file browser bit, you cannot attach anything to an email, there is simply just no option, but you have a “massive” 8GB of storage and cant share anything really)
    39. bad internal integration of applications (above I mentioned you cant attach files, not even photos, you have to open your photos to send them in an email but only one at a time? Why can’t I attach the 3 pictures of my dog in 1 email to send to my GF? I have to send 3 emails? Come on, apple should of though this out a little more, sending emails from the Photo application seems backwards to me. I admit, Resco photo viewer for WM5 has a “send to option” where you have the choice of IrDA, Bluetooth, Email and MMS. But Outlook will also let me attach the files I want, I can even select multiple files using the stylus, why can’t the iPhone do this?)
    40. Cant Copy and Paste (from the points above, this is really needed to get around some of the other faults, but since this is missing too it just adds another negative to the iPhone, for the people that say you don’t need copy and paste, stop using it on your computer then)
    41. weird resolution (the screen is a “higher” resolution than a lot of flip phones and such, however its not a standard resolution, 480x320 isn’t not even wide screen as Steve jobs advertised it to be, 3:2 isn’t recognized as any standard resolution, the iPod video being 320x240 is actually more compatible with PDA phones being 4:3, if you have an iPod video you need to re-encode all the videos on it to match the native resolution of the iPhone, playing a video in the native resolution of your LCD display looks best, anything else may be grainy or stretched, the argument that this screen is better than all others is false, the HTC Universal had a VGA screen 2.5 years ago as well as 3G. a lot of PDA phones now are VGA including a flip phone from I-Mate soon to be released)
    42. lack of alert customization/Profiles(apparently you cannot set vibrate to things like calendar events, SMS, etc I would expect the alerts to be at least customizable in a $600 phone, most phones have profiles for Home, Office, Silent, Stealth, meeting, etc the iPhone has nothing)
    43. Keyboard issues (you cannot change the keyboard into landscape mode in anything but Safari, Why? WM phones will switch orientation on command, doesn’t matter what program your in, it will switch, you can also tweak the button mapping to change orientation with the push of a button)
    44. IPhone calculator? (I though it had one, i’m not sure, if it has weather, stocks, maps, what about a calculator? All phones have this, really, even from 2002)
    45. My last point is, the iPhone is not a revolutionary device by any means, and no Steve jobs nor apple invented “Multitouch” as he stated in his demo. Multitouch was done in so many products prior to 2004, even SMART Boards had this. Also when he says he “reinvented” the phone, I don’t think he realized that he reinvented a converged device with less functions than the original products he was merging. If you have a converged device, the sum of its abilities should actually exceed the 2, 3 or 4 device originals. For example, I have a PDA, I can write html email but I can’t send it unless I have WiFi, with a regular phone, I can send emails but not HTML, when you merge the 2 devices you can send html emails. Next example, GPS, phone, PDA convergence, I have Google maps, maps don’t work unless you have a GPS, nor can it update unless you have an internet connection, you merge all 3 devices together and you have active GPS tracking in Google maps, no single device could do that before. When you merge a device, you should not be loosing ANY features, you should be gaining features that you’ve never had before in addition to the ones you already had.

    The iPhone in my honest opinion is not worth the $600 you have to pay up front, you are sacrificing too many usable tools for something that just looks nice. Looks doesn’t get you very far when you need GPS and can’t use it.
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    Oct 12, 2005
    You make many valid points, but I think you miss the point of THIS device entirely.

    Not revolutionary?? What are you smokin' bro? There's nothing even close to this thing on the market. Yeah there's all kinds of devices that do many of the things you indicate in your novel, but it's the INTERFACE. Yes it is memory deprived....we clearly need more storage, but for a generation 1 device, this thing is solid.

    Bloated 1 or 2 years it won't matter because they'll be all kinds of room.

    Software updates will fix many of the issues. The fact so much is left to be done is proof positive of the technical complexities Apple dealt with just making it work reliably.
  3. pr5owner thread starter macrumors 65816

    Jun 10, 2007
    thats what im hoping, 80% of the issues people are complaining about is simple software tools, ALL of them can be fixed with a new rom/firmware, which is why i posted this thread

    also i said its bloated because everyone knows windows or microsoft stuff is also bloated but windows mobile takes around 60MB from your ram, the iphone is 700MB AWAY from your 4-8gb storage
  4. thomasfxlt macrumors 6502

    Oct 12, 2005
    No argument on the storage issue. I filled it up in 10 minutes. I'll be swapping videos every time I leave the house. I can live with it for a year or two. Apple has their work cut out for them to get more stuff crammed in the Phone without killing the remaining storage capacity. Stick a hard disk in this thing and the battery life will be crap. They have to wait for larger capacity flash drives.

    Nonetheless, this is the most kick-a@# device I've ever owned. Edge works fine. The crap browser on my Treo using Verizon's 3G network paled in comparison.

    We need Flash and Java for Safari though. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy this thing and deal with the workarounds. Let's be honest, 2 years ago you could barely dump a text file over a cellular signal. The iPhone is truly a quantum leap.
  5. pr5owner thread starter macrumors 65816

    Jun 10, 2007
    a quantum leap is probably the smallest leap anyone can take...? things on a quantum scale are way smaller than atoms, its like on the quarks and gluons and shiznat (maybe im wrong i dunno, not a scientist)
  6. dude963841 macrumors member

    May 22, 2008

    iguess some of those are valid points, and you are right the iphone isnt worth it that's why I have an iPod touch:apple:
  7. extraextra macrumors 68000


    Jun 29, 2006
    You can buy screen protectors. Best Skins Ever and a few other companies sell clear film-like protectors that still allow the sensors to register your touch.

    And WOW, long post. I believe nearly every point of yours has been said before somewhere on this forum.

    I do believe that the iPhone is revolutionary and it has changed the industry - but yes for it's price and for how much it's been heralded, it is missing several basic features.
  8. SFStateStudent macrumors 604


    Aug 28, 2007
    San Francisco California, USA
    Damn Apple Store Sales Force, made me buy this overpriced iPhone! I truly "love" the iPhone for exactly those (45) points. It's not like all the rest, it follows the beat of a different drummer. Why is this Thread being REPOSTED??? Isn't it from June 30, 2007??? :eek::eek::eek:
  9. sparkyms macrumors 65816

    Feb 22, 2007
    Southampton UK
    @extraextra.... You might want to take note of when the post was first made...
  10. extraextra macrumors 68000


    Jun 29, 2006
    LOL I didn't even notice that. I guess the guy above me decided to reply to an old old thread and I mistook it for a new one.
  11. SFStateStudent macrumors 604


    Aug 28, 2007
    San Francisco California, USA
    I'm having a good laugh over this one as well! LMAO :p
  12. t0mat0 macrumors 603


    Aug 29, 2006
    +1 to the "oops i didn't check the date 1st" group!
    Heck, so this is the primary hardware iPhone thread? (There's a software thread as a sticky)
  13. Pantocrator macrumors member

    May 11, 2008
    I agree, but a lot of the issues you stated are fixed by jailbreaking the iphone. You can do video capture with a jailbreaked iphone for example. Most of the hardware issues you mentioned (proprietary headphone jack) will undoubtedly be fixed, unless Apple is smoking something. The other issues I hope are fixed, but I doubt it- there is no way they will change the native resolution of the screen, because apps would not work well with both gens of the iphone.
  14. newyorksole macrumors 68040

    Apr 2, 2008
    New York.
    Even though I do wonder why the iPhone has a lack of copy & paste, video recorder, and manyyyy other things, I still love it. I also don't think alot of that will be implimented anytime soon, such as MMS or copy & paste. I have a feeling that Apple will just rely on the SDK and Apps Store for people to enjoy, rather than them coming out with updates and things like MMS/GPS/Voice Dialing.

    All that said though, the iPhone is great, amazing actually.
  15. Xjett macrumors member

    May 4, 2008
    Miami, FL
    Wow quite a list man...

    Yeah there are some valid points there. Correct me if I am wrong but I think I read somewhere that they are adding copy and paste? Dunno. Anyway yeah mainly MMS would be great. Assuming the rumors are true, and the iPhone has a video chat option, it would be pretty ridiculous to have a 3G phone, that is revolutionary (and yes the iPhone is revolutionary) in all it can do and all it can achieve, and it not have the ability to text a picture to anyone. However, despite no MMS and all that stuff, it's still an amazing piece of technology. When Apple releases a product like this, it really forces the industry to move forward to try to catch up.

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