Things you need to know before you pre-order your 6s/6s+

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    Because some people are confused about the differences between buying their phone outright and subsidized, we’ve answered some of the commonly asked questions by customers.

    Are these unlocked iPhones?
    Yes. We have confirmed with an Apple support representative that if your pre-order an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus and pay in full, that phone will be unlocked.

    Do I have to sign a carrier contract?
    No. Paying your phone in full from Apple comes without a wireless contract commitment or carrier financing, unless you choose otherwise.

    Haven’t U.S. carriers done away with two-year contracts already?
    Most major U.S. carriers have. For example, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile no longer sell two-year contracts in their stores. AT&T is rumored to ditch long-term contracts later this year. Interestingly, buying an iPhone from the Apple Stores still gives you the option to buy your device with a wireless contract with Verizon and Sprint, but not AT&T.

    Is my phone tied to a carrier?
    No. As said before, buying an iPhone outright from Apple gets you an unlocked device that isn’t tied to any one carrier.

    Will Apple ship my phone with a nano-SIM card?
    No, a nano-SIM card isn’t included when you pay an iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 5s in full. But you can get a nano-SIM from any supported carrier worldwide, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint in the United States.

    Why should I pay my iPhone in full?
    Because you won’t be tied to a multiyear service contract with a carrier. In addition, buying your iPhone SIM-free is also the perfect option when traveling abroad as the device is unlocked so you can use a local carrier’s nano-SIM.

    Which carriers have certified their LTE network on iPhone?
    For a list of carriers that have certified their LTE network on iPhone, refer to Apple’s chart here. For more details, contact your carrier.

    Am I still qualified for lower iPhone carrier pricing if I paid my phone in full?
    No. Purchasing a SIM-free iPhone from Apple means you will not qualify for the lower iPhone price associated with a contract or a carrier installment plan.

    When will walk-in purchases be allowed for new iPhones?
    The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are scheduled to launch across Apple Stores and major carriers and retailers in the United States and elsewhere on Friday, September 25.

    Is buying an iPhone from Apple outright the best option?
    Looks like it is. Carriers like AT&T won’t sell you a new iPhone off contract right off the bat. What you can do is purchase an iPhone with the AT&T Next financing option and then pay off the full remainder of the phone price on the second installment. In addition to AT&T, zero-interest installment plans are available from T-Mobile, Sprint and other carriers.

    Can I use a Verizon or Sprint iPhone with AT&T, and vice versa?
    The short answer: not quite yet as Apple still hasn’t engineered a worldphone iPhone. The long answer: you can use a CDMA iPhone from Verizon on AT&T and T-Mobile’s GSM networks if you replace Verizon’s nano-SIM card with one from AT&T or T-Mobile.

    But there’s a catch: while you should be able to enjoy the speedy LTE network, your iPhone won’t work over AT&T or T-Mobile’s GSM-based voice and text messaging network. In other words, your Verizon iPhone will only work on AT&T’s network where there is LTE coverage.

    The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus support more LTE bands and faster LTE-Advanced networks, but they’re still provided in two cellular flavors, one with support for CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and the other with LTE Band 30 support.

    Will Verizon sell me an unlocked iPhone?
    All Verizon 4G LTE devices are unlocked out of the box.

    Why aren’t LTE networks interoperable?
    Because in the early days of LTE deployments, LTE carriers used different spectrum frequencies. But as major U.S. carriers expand their networks, they’re now using common spectrum called AWS. If a device wants to connect to such networks, it must support LTE band 4. Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile (but not Sprint) all use AWS spectrum and their devices also support LTE band 4.

    So for example, while AT&T and T-Mobile versions of the iPhone 5s are identical, Verizon’s version also includes CDMA support (model A1533) which the AT&T and T-Mobile GSM versions (model A1533) do not. And Sprint is selling the CDMA edition of the iPhone 5s (model A1453) that supports only LTE bands used by Sprint.

    So, while 100 percent interoperability between different flavors of LTE deployment is still unfeasible, we’re slowly but surely getting there. All iPhones from the iPhone 5 onward are dual mode and support both CDMA and GSM/LTE.


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    You say in one section that the Verizon iphone can't handle the GSM networks, but further down you say that all iphones since the 5 CAN support GSM. So...which is it?
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    The FAQ implies that buying a subsidized phone, say, from Verizon will be locked to Verizon. But towards the end, it says "All Verizon 4G LTE devices are unlocked out of the box."

    So which one is it??
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    Ive been using a verizon 6 plus on Att .. but i think this time around I am going to get an ATT one for band 30
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    I'm also confused about the statement indicating a Nano sim will NOT be included if you decide to pay in full. Does that include choosing the Verizon model?

    I want a new SIM with my Verizon phone.
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    I've heard the exact opposite of what is written in the OP. Verizon phones with LTE will work with GSM voice and text , but not necessarily LTE . You might only get HSPA+ , but not LTE. My understanding is that LTE shared the same technology as GSM, so voice and texting should work wherever there is GSM voice available. I am also confused.
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    This thread should be locked for spreading false information.
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    You cannot buy a phone tonight without choosing a carrier. So, a SIM will be included if your carrier needs one. No carrier independent phones are available tonight.
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    Unlocked remains to be seen as it seems like this is now a feature of the Apple Upgrade program.
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    Agreed. Please lock this and burn it.
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    You need to choose a carrier even with the upgrade program. It says it right on the website.

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