Think any deals will pop up for the Smart Keyboard?


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Mar 15, 2012
I am getting an iPad Pro 10.5 in a couple of months so I am in no rush. But in the meantime, if there were some deals available for the Smart Keyboard, I would buy it now. Have their been any deals at stores like Best Buy, etc in the past for Apple accessories like this one?


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Jul 21, 2014
Probably not, that is the one problem with buying the 10.5" all the accessories are new, so nothing is cheap. Where as with the 12.9", the dimensions are all the same, so all the stores are putting the old accessories on clearance. Makes for some great finds! I got a bunch of $5 smart covers and a Smart Keyboard for $36.


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Feb 4, 2011
For what it's worth the ASK for the 9.7 and 12.9 are both compatible with the 10.5 if you don't mind them being slightly bigger/smaller.
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