Think Apple will speed bump the mac minis to the 9th gen CPUs that are coming soon?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by spaceballl, Apr 5, 2019.

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    I think in a few years they will do a CPU refresh. Apple isn't too good about using the latest hardware. They just refreshed the iMac and even with the new refresh they used the 8th generation CPU on all but the very top 27 inch model. A Mac is more about the OS and ecosystem rather than the latest hardware. Many Mac OS users keep hardware much longer than Windows users.
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    I think it was only to correct bugs or improve efficiency sadly no new models probably
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    Intel has not released a Core i7-9700, a Core i5-9500 or a Core i3-9100 (socketed LGA), much less the B variant (soldered BGA). It is unclear if and when the above three CPUs will be announced, much less shipping to OEMs.

    Whether Apple will update to 9th Gen on the Mac mini is a moot point until Intel announces the above along with the rest of their 9th Gen portfolio.

    Rumors point to April or May for Intel to announce, with Computex coming in May, so perhaps Intel has something to say. Or will they waste time announcing a 10-core Comet Lake or fill out the rest of their portfolio? April was the magic time last year, let us see if that holds true.
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    Personally don’t see them bothering now tilll intel move off the 14nm process that using/refining.

    Not too sure what the 9th gen would bring in as a compelling feature.
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    The Mac Mini will always be less than TOTL capable when it comes to the CPU. Apple makes more money selling a consumer/prosumer desktop computer with a built-in display than a consumer/prosumer computer without one. This also helps Apple to control the display technology across the lion share of it’s lines.
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    Oct 31, 2017
    Do you have any data to support this?
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    Unsure about if they'd do this or not, but I do remember back when I got my iMac G4 day 1 of release. About a month or two later they released the same specs, but larger screen at about $100 more. Because of this, I wouldn't put it past them to do a refresh of any product so soon, but it's rare that they do that.
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    This is the closest thing I found regarding this:
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    Feb 21, 2011

    Well it does happen, but not often that I can remember. The last quick spec bump was the 2018 MBP with Vega 20 . Many 60 day owners very upset.
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    Feb 10, 2019
    It's everyone's favorite I love Microsoft and hate Apple person... I was wondering if you were still around LOL.

    I'm sure someone did a study somewhere. I'll "Bing it right up" for you :)
  11. EightyTwenty Suspended

    Mar 11, 2015
    Not a chance.

    They are on a 2-year update cycle for iMacs now. Most likely a 4-year cycle for the Mini (with no guarantee they ever make another Intel Mini).

    The 2018 version is a real, actual, modern computer (even the entry-level). This was not the case with the 2014 Mini, which was released gimped and outdated right out of the box. It just got more comical as the years went on that they continued to sell that junk.
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    I'd say we would be lucky if they ever update the mini. Took them 4 years last time and many people had already given up hope for an update. Unless the mini becomes wildly popular, this could very well be the last model. :(
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    Oct 31, 2017
  14. Hessel89 macrumors regular


    Sep 27, 2017
    The 13 inch Macbook Pro's still have 7th generation intel chips so I don't see any reason why they would add 9th gen chips to the Mini's.
  15. Heat_Fan89 macrumors 6502

    Feb 23, 2016
    Hmm, I hate to spoil that theory but as a Mac user, I have several PC's and laptops that are way past 6 yrs old. In fact I have a 2006 ThinkPad that's running Windows 10 and it does it quite well on 3GB of RAM. I do agree about Apple's ecosystem being the hook because aside from that all three major platforms i.e. macOS, Linux and Windows are competent and robust operating systems.
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    I wasn't talking specifically you or myself. I was talking about in general. I personally know far more people still using older Macs on a daily basis compared to older Windows computers. I don't mean retro computer users or someone who powers it on every so often to play with it. If that's the case I have an old IBM computer running DOS LOL. A good example I have a friend that uses both Windows desktops and has a MacBook Air from 2010. She's on her third Windows desktop but still uses the MacBook Air.

    Of course my statement is just my opinion based on my observations. I didn't do a scientific study to prove it but from my observations it's my belief. I don't think anyone has done a scientific study of this. Windows fans will insist it's just as good or better than the Mac and of course some Linux fans will say both are garbage. I use a Windows PC because gaming is almost Windows exclusive, but use a Mac because I love some of the features. I personally don't like one more than the other but rather they do different things.

    I'm not trying to make this a Windows vs Mac thread because that's not the original topic and it'll just turn into a fanboy troll fest with no clear winner. Everyone has an opinion and they're equally worthless LOL
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    I think there is a strong market for the mini so I don't see Apple discontinuing it. Obviously it's not as popular as the MacBook or iMac but it still sells. It is popular as a server and a low price entry into the Mac. Look how long it's been since the Mac Pro has been updated and it's not discontinued. The mini and Pro aren't marketed like phones where you get one every two years. Perhaps Apple could do something similar where people do a two year finance agreement like the iPhone then once it's paid off trade it for the new one. I'm not sure if that would work though.
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    Who knows, and does it really matter? If you need a new computer now, and something in the current Mac Mini range fits your needs, get one now. I you can wait, then wait.

    I was in need of a portable to tote to work most days last year, so I got a MacBook Air just a couple of months before the new model was released. I needed it then, at the start of a new term (I'm a teacher), so I got it then, and have no regrets. The new model offers some benefits, but none of great functional significance from my point of view.

    Meanwhile, my early 2009 Mac mini soldiers on, doing what I expected of it when I bought it, some of it a bit better than originally, thanks mainly to OS and App updates. Although it is now regarded officially obsolete, thus unsupported by Apple, and stuck on El Capitan, it is still my mainstay for personal day to day needs, and seems likely to remain so for a while.

    No data, but my observation is that people do indeed keep Macs longer than other computers. In the time I have had my Mac mini, all the desktop computers at work have been replaced (and the office geek has Hackintoshed a couple!). A lot of people I know use Mac laptops approaching 10 or more years old. Many of my colleagues seem to replace their Windows laptops within four or five years.

    Here is a poll I started on the age Mac Minis in use....... Just opened it again, now with change of vote allowed.

    The current, 2018 Mac Mini seems to have won the approval of pundits, professionals, wannabes and the like, but it now comes with specs and a price that are beyond what many an average Joe or Jill really needs, or may be inclined to pay. For that reason it risks becoming a niche machine rather than one with popular appeal.
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    Thanks for the laugh OP! I really needed that! Tip: Do not hold your breath.
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    I don't think they will. Even if they do I just ordered my Mini with i7 8700B. My last desktop is over 5 years old and still had life.
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    Hell no.
  21. Weaselboy, Apr 16, 2019
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    I'd say I'm in the possibly (vs. absolutely not) camp. I figure now Apple has a new Mini "platform", they might do some incremental upgrades (like they do on the MB/MBP/iMacs).

    I suspect an i9 in the Mini would do better thermally vs. a MBP[?]
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    If they did, it won’t happen anytime soon. Apple doesn’t update their desktops less than a year apart, it’s as simple as that. Most people here keep saying the Mac mini will never get updated again, but that’s exactly what most people were saying about the mini and the Mac Pro only a few years ago. There’s really no telling what Apple will do with their desktop-class Macs at this point, but I have a feeling the new MacPro is going to start a new era of desktops for Apple.
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    A dozen years ago the demise of the Mac Mini was predicted.
    It has been updated at varying intervals, ranging from a few months to a few years, since then.

    Must be said, however, that the 2018 update resulted in specs and prices that moved it beyond being a relatively cheap consumer oriented machine that it was....

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