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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by perrohunter, Oct 3, 2007.

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    ppl is sms for people, I think.
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    Feb 6, 2007
    I think he meant it like, when people call other people "you people" because of a certain race or something.
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    yah haha saw that video the other day.
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    Steve Jobs was never of a hacker mindset. Steve Wozniak was. Note that Woz is no longer actively involved with Apple.

    Jobs is a marketing-minded individual... note that the core target demographic for Apple since Jobs' return has primarily been affluent, novice to moderately tech savvy consumers and their families. Apple has not been proactively pricing, marketing or branding to the nerdcore/hacker/knob-twiddler set.

    In that sense, that youtube link is a very misguided appeal to Jobs' sensibilities because he doesn't get all warm and fuzzy about technogeekery. Those kind of things always bored the hell out of him. He's always been about elegance.. the push-button solution that just works. That is why he rose to prominence with the Macintosh, not the Apple II.

    If the creator of that "commercial" wants to direct attention of the right eyes, he/she should have appealed to the nostalgic sensibilities of legendary Apple engineers Bill Atkinson, Burrell Smith, Andy Hertzfeld and Jef Raskin... except that Bill, Burrell and Andy no longer work for Apple and, well, Jef passed away.
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    I still have hope on Mr Jobs.

    He has the taste and he must know how important is for developers to work on such an exiting enviroment
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    This video got me thinking about what kind of product iPhone really is.

    It's a particular kind of car amongst cars. It's like one of the most advanced sports cars ever made. So a lot of people think that's awesome and we love the freedom of driving however

    if you buy it:
    1. it will only work with special fuel that only speeds up to 45 mph (kbps) (EDGE)
    2. you can only drive it specific approved freeways (ATT)
    4. if you drive it on a not approved freeway (tmobile) you will get your privilages taken away
    3. you dare not change the rims, or add a custom exhaust or it might not work (3rd party apps). are not allowed to modify the paint job, but you can get any cup holder you choose! (web apps) yay !

    The video reminds me of how much of a freedom-less car the iphone turned out to be.

    The perception amongst the general public here in the US was that this iPhone thing is supposed to be this device that does everything! this is pretty much fact...just look at the comedy skits that came out before the iPhone was released. "its a shaver, a toaster, a cutting tool! " .

    Well obviously those were exaggerations but the fact it that the iPhone turned out the be quite the opposite. A very limited, freedom-less device.

    Seriously, i'm going to keep my iPhone, but I feel like a bought silverware (knives, forks etc) that can only be used on a sunday and only at Applebees.

    Being an owner of an iPhone makes me feel like I'm 7 years old again... Mom bought me a bike so I can only use the bike under moms special rules for the bike and I wasn't allowed to remove the training wheels. Man I couldn't wait to save up for my own bike so I could do what I wanted with it. /end flashback
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    Nice post.

    I wonder if, as Steve Jobs gets older, his vision for the company becomes narrower. While he may not have been a true geek, he was part of a revolution in technology, that really got what the user wants and delivered it.

    In the last few years, ever since they started going after the Windows market, it seems like Apple is more about making lots and lots of money, rather than giving the consumer the highest quality product possible.

    Not that Steve Jobs (or Apple, Inc.) was ever a saint. But the more mass market they become, the less they care about alienating the fan base. I think that's what happened with the iPhone.
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    I think apple still innovates, and in that way they "think different". what they do to a degree still is "change things", by taking risks and setting precidents rather than following.

    what I have seen recently, is apple's no1 interest is apple, and not it's customers - bad move! it has become greedy, and every decision includes a money making scheme. will this make us money? yes - do it, no - don't do it.

    so, perhaps they are more like microsoft in some ways, but in others, totally different, and very refreshing.

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