Thinking about buying 21'5 iMac (1TB and 4670 model)


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Nov 22, 2009

I'm thinking about changing from Windows to Mac.

I bought an iPhone about 4 months ago and since that, I started to love and enjoy all coming from Apple.

I like the 21'5" model, the one with 1 TB and ATI 4670 it's perfect for me.

I will use it for photography (Lightroom, Aperture), to organize my music collection which is very very big (iTunes)...

But I also like playing games and I am wondering what can I expect from the 4670.

I like playing games like Modern Warfare, Fallout 3, Oblivion, GTR 2, Mass Effect, Dragon Age...

-Will I be able to play at Full HD?

-Now I use a AMD64 3200+, 2 GB RAM and a GeForce 6600GT with Windows XP.What about the speed change? What do you think?

Thanks for your help.



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Oct 28, 2009
-Yes, you will be able to play games at full HD.

-The 4670 is a much better card than the 6600GT, and you'll really notice a speed change compared to your PC.


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Oct 20, 2009
Kingsport TN
I am not sure but i think dragon age you have to have a windows partition on your mac but with the 1tb drive you have room for at least 60gb or how much you want to put towards it. i am going to do that for my copy of dragon age the rest of my games wow, diablo 2. i can get them to work on osx as blizzard makes wow with a hybrid disk and diablo 2 you can get the installer in a osx version from there site for free.
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