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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jmine83, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Jul 9, 2011
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    I have decided that I will more than likely purchase the Apple TV. But first, I need some questions answered to verify if the Apple TV can perform the functions I'm desiring for the setup I'm thinking about:

    1. Could the Apple TV access the iTunes Library of my MCP and play music through my TV's speakers while the MCP is in sleep mode (or MCP screen turned off) and while the TV screen is off? Thus, for example, if I'm listening to music and I decide I want to change albums or handle the music controls in general, I would use the Apple Remote app on my iPhone to access music controls; all the while the MCP would stay asleep and the TV screen would still be off. I can, however, tell you right now that I don't think my TV has any sleep-like functionality. It has a Sleep Timer that completely shuts off the TV after a specified period of time. But my strong impression is that there is no way to execute commands to the TV that would allow the user to turn off the screen of the TV, but still allow audio to come through the speakers. Or maybe the Apple TV has the ability to send a command to the TV to turn the screen off but transmit audio through the TV speakers?

    2. Can the Apple TV stream video content from the iTunes Library on my MCP and play it on the TV? That is, could I be on my MCP doing work and surfing the web on my MCP while video is being streamed to my TV through the Apple TV. Such that I could essentially be working on my MCP in one room while a friend watches my TV in another room through the Apple TV to access the contents of my iTunes Library and the two operations (working on my MCP, friend watching TV) not interfere with each other? Does the Apple TV have a guest mode of some kind that would restrict users from being able to edit settings or files in the iTunes Library? Can the Apple TV access iTunes Library video content while the MCP is in sleep mode or screen turned off?
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    1. No. Just pay for iTunes Match. It's worth it and it'll stream that no problem. Also, if you use Photo Stream you can have the screensaver auto turn on and run that. It's actually one of my families favorite features.

    2. It should stream anything in iTunes. It uses HomeSharing to do so so it won't interfere with whatever you're doing on the computer.

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