Thinking about going onto itunes match - questions

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    Dec 7, 2010
    So I've got 17,000 songs, well in the itunes match limit..... but there's a couple of things I've heard I'm hoping someone on here might know.

    1. Ive got a lot of tunes in 320 KBPS (because I dj a bit), my main library is on my desktop machine, if I subscribe to itunes match, will it replace my tunes that are 320 KBPs with the 256KBPs AAC ones off the store (if it can match them with a store copy) locally on my desktop machine? And will it replace 320 KBPS MP3's that it matches on my laptop? Basically I don't want it to replace any physical files on my laptop or desktop without my say so.

    2. Does it replace the explicit version of songs with clean versions? I'd be so angry if I suddenly found all of my music censored.
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    1. The original files on your computers will not be replaced automatically.

    2. Match does a pretty decent job getting the right versions, but it's not 100% perfect. You never know until you listen. But, as I said in #1, you'll have the originals on the Macs.
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    Dec 7, 2010
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    1. It will only replace your better versions if you delete the 320kbps files and then redownload them. iTunes match does not MATCH every song and IT TAKES FOREVER !!! I have 21,000+ songs and only matched 16,500. Then it starts uploading them........ painfully long. What is most annoying is that it doesn't match random songs in a certain album or something that basically everyone owns. I have 1-2 songs in every Beatles album that isn't matched. It's like WTF doesn't own the white album !!

    2. All my explicit CDs where changed to clean. You should really save your prematch Itunes folder in a external HD.
  5. sim667 thread starter macrumors 65816

    Dec 7, 2010

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