Thinking about restoring my mac to its original factory settings

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by bloodlucky, Jun 29, 2014.

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    Jan 19, 2014
    A long time ago I thought my MacBook had mouse acceleration even though it didn't, so I put in a console command into Terminal that I had retrieved from the internet that was supposed to fix the issue. Little did I know that my computer was fine the way it was and that little command was what screwed everything up. I tried several programs like SmoothMouse (which killed mouse accel but made games unplayable because the mouse would spaz every time I clicked to fire my gun around the screen multiple times at once) and much more. This is so irritating even when I am not playing games, to have to struggle just to click what I damn want and I feel like I'm going to throw my computer into the wall just thinking about how irritating the concept and purpose of mouse acceleration is.

    I am certain Apple's useless Genius Bar wouldn't even have the slightest clue what mouse acceleration is and its difference between the overall speed of the mouse. So I am coming to the conclusion of doing the cmd+r trick while booting up my computer and resetting my entire computer to its original factory settings which came when I had initially bought my MacBook, which at the time had no problems with mouse acceleration.

    The problem is that I bought my MacBook Pro (mid 2011) for school purposes, so I got the student package deal and bought Microsoft Word + Powerpoint + Excel with it, which I think will be erased if I restore my entire computer. The rest of the files on here I don't really need/care about, but of course I don't want to wipe away files that I spent 200 bucks for when I bought my mac, not to mention that I'm still in school and I need to have it. We moved since I had bought my Mac, and I'm not exactly sure where the Microsoft Office software went (the physical disks) so I'm worried about resetting my entire computer.

    So I guess I have a few concluding questions which I pretty much made this post for

    1. Will "erasing my hardrive and reinstalling a fresh copy of OS X" get rid of mouse acceleration and the accidental setting changes that seem irreversible at the moment?

    2. If its too risky to restore my entire computer, is there a chance that the Genius Bar could possibly fix my mouse acceleration problem? The main issue is that I installed so much software that was supposed to tweak mouse accel settings that it actually screwed it up even more, and while one software may claim that mouse accel is gone it may not be gone due to another script run by something else that tweaked something earlier. As you can see I am not really a tech wiz and I have no idea what the hell I'm doing.

    3. Are there any programs out there that still may be able to fix my acceleration issue? Every time I make a change I due a little test to see if mouse accel is gone by putting the cursor at a certain point in my screen, then moving the mouse from a certain point on the pad very slowly to to the right, and then about 2x as fast back to the left and see if the cursor was where it was originally. The only time I had actually seen mouseaccel killed with backup proof from this test is using SmoothMouse, which makes gaming unplayable because of a weird spazzing glitch that causes my gunman to spaz his sights to opposite poles of the screen if I click rapidly in different locations, or hold down the mouse button. This issue is only evident in Valve games, and off-game shows no spazzing of the cursor if I click rapidly.

    Thanks guys and please read this through carefully. Like I said I'm not a tech wiz and getting me to do complex stuff is probably useless because I'll end up screwing it up even more. Sorry for the possible confusion in this post.
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    1. If the mouse acceleration is messed up from software you installed, yes a erase and reinstall would fix it.

    2. Have you tried resetting the mouse settings to default by deleting the mouse plist preference file?

    Open Finder then click the Go menu then Go to folder and paste this in and enter. Now scroll down to the file and delete it then restart. That should get back to default mouse settings.

    If you still think you have scraps of mouse acceleration software on there, trying running this utility that will show any startup or launch items that might still be around.

    Another thing to try is just go into Users and Groups in System Prefs and make a new admin account and login there and see if that helps.

    Does this happen with different mice or just one?
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    Aug 29, 2012
    This was going to be my suggestion. Most of the time, a new user account is as good as a fresh install on these types of systems. A far cry from the old "format and reinstall" age!

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