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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by darbsrewop, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Thinking about the mac mini to replace my iMac, but have a dilemma. I have one monitor that I use with my work laptop docked. I extend from my laptop screen to the additional monitor. I'd like to use this same monitor for my mac mini. The monitor has a DVI and VGA connection, so I was thinking I could plug my laptop into VGA and then the mac mini through DVI. I can push a button on my monitor to go between the inputs. I was thinking of getting the apple wireless bluetooth keyboard and mouse, but how would I use that with my work laptop and the mac mini? I think I need a KVM solution, but not sure of the best one that supports my situation. Thanks for your help!
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    If u want to use a KVM then you'll need to get the wired kb and mouse
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    You can use your monitor for both your laptop and mini as you stated.

    The apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse will only pair with a single device at a time and must be unpaired from one device before they will pair with another so no practical way to use them for both mini and laptop. You could use apples USB keyboard and mouse (or any USB keyboard and mouse) and a USB switch or full KVM.

    You could also just VNC into your mini from your laptop for brief or occasional access.

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