Thinking I did my clean install wrong

Discussion in 'OS X Yosemite (10.10)' started by SeeTheLights, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. SeeTheLights macrumors member

    Jul 21, 2011
    So I'm currently doing my clean install of yosemito and I used this guide:

    I felt good until I got to the part that had me choose a drive between Mactinosh HD, recovery, and install OS X Yosemite. On the guide, it says choose OS X Base System (the orange one) mine said install OS Yosemite like in the picture. I chose that and was able to format my harddrive. Now it's installing with about 13 minutes left, but it says installing on "Install OS X Yosemite" shouldn't it be on Macintosh HD? I'm sure I'll get an error either way if it fails at the end, just confused right now.
  2. SeeTheLights thread starter macrumors member

    Jul 21, 2011
    Yup I did it wrong, when I restarted and unplugged my flash drive all it gave me was a question mark. When I plugged it back in all i had was recovery and my Yosemite drive. What do I need to do?
  3. Jarman74 macrumors regular


    Mar 22, 2009
    I've just read a few guides and that's the one I've chosen to follow. Still downloading Yosemite from the App Store, though.

    Up to this point it seems you have done everything correctly. Even the first comment to the guide says "Just remember to move the arrow to under the yellow hard disk install Yosemite when installing."

    It looks like you have chosen the wrong unit where the guide says "Click Continue to begin the OS X Yosemite installation process and follow the steps provided."

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