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Apr 30, 2014
I've used my Gmail account as my go-to for everything for almost 14 yrs. However, personally I do not like Google & thinking of moving away from using everything connected to them. I think they look into wayyyy to much info & do not trust them.

My issue is this: I use a PC (can't go to a MAC due to work) & would use the online version for my email, however, it just looks/feels clunky compared to the speed of Gmail. Even the online version of Outlook seems to flow better.

Until Apple decides to change-up their online iCloud items, is there any possible way of making the online iCloud email experience better? Would having it forwarded to my online Outlook account work, with regards to things still being secure/safe?


Jan 10, 2012
I used iCloud for a few days before deciding it wasn't what I wanted to use. It isn't bad, but I didn't like it. I went with Fastmail and have been using it for years.

Outlook email is great. I love OneDrive.
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Jul 18, 2011
Singapore is trash, i really can't understand why Apple won't make it at least as good as gmail etc.
Quite a number of Apple’s services feel like they are there to serve as a minimum viable alternative so as to form a hedge against competing services. For example, if google decides to play punk and withhold gmail from iOS Apple devices, users at least have iCloud mail and aren’t left high and dry. As such, there really isn’t any need to make them “too good”.


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Dec 26, 2018
@Glennster, a couple of years ago I was in a similar situation to yours, i.e. I wanted to rid myself from using all of Google’s services which I used quite moderately, particularly Gmail (was an early adoptee since the days it was by invitation only). However, my situation differed a bit in that when I was contemplating making the change, I wasn’t fully enmeshed in the PC ecosystem. What made the decision to switch away from Google easier was that I was already all in on the Apple ecosystem - hardware and software.

I did my research over the course of several months and talked to many folks, and finally I switched over fully. I slowly switched over to using iCloud Photos, Notes, Reminders, iCloud Storage (paid), Apple Music, Calendar, iCloud Keychain (for my passwords), Contacts, HomeKit, etc. Now I couldn’t be more happier having shed Google from my life!

I guess being in the PC ecosystem can seem as a hindrance but I believe if you wish to leave Google and their services behind in favor of Apple and their services, then I believe you won’t see this as a hindrance. As for the iCloud interface, I don’t feel that it’s “clunky” as you put it. In fact, whenever I have to call Apple Support for anything, they always tell me that whatever happens at serves as the source for everything, e.g. if you successfully upload 100 photos at, then those 100 photos will be saved in the iCloud servers. If you don’t see the 100 photos pushed to a device, then the issue could lie with that device. Also if you make a change to your calendar at, then it’s saved in the iCloud servers.

The interface might look a bit bland but I believe, with time, we will see improvements. For me, it serves me well as I can login and see all of my contacts, calendar appointments, mail, photos, etc.

Hopefully this helps in your decision making process. Good luck.
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