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    Sep 21, 2015
    So I've been an Android user for the past 3 years, and was using a jailbroken iPhone 4 prior to using Android. I made the switch to Android since it's basically open source and fully customizable right out of the box. However, I've started looking at the iPhone 6S Plus and thinking of returning to JB. I feel there are some ways that JB is more customizable than Android is. So here's my question and concern and hoping someone here can help me, since the iPhone 6S is going to be a whole lot faster than the iPhone 4 ever was, is there ever a point where your JB tweaks causes too much drain on the battery or memory, thereby ruining the experience? I remember with my JB iPhone 4, I ran into a lot of memory leaks and battery drain, and it eventually became too difficult and frustrating to keep a JB iPhone.

    Hope someone has had a similar experience, going from iPhone to Android and back after X amount of years, and seeing the difference in speed/battery improvement between three generations of iPhone.

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    I have both and a jailbreaking an iPhone will not increase your battery usage but some tweaks will like virtual home button and others but as far as I have found tweaks that will increase battery usage are rare. Other Cydia apps like Activator are said to be battery hogs but I use it and I don't find it to be any different.

    At the end of the day it all depends on what you put on your phone. I would also say that with android if you are prepared to root and use custom roms you will get a lot more out of the phone than you will from jailbreaking and iPhone but that could change with the iPhone 6s with 3D Touch. With android I am always able to get at the very least an extra 25% out of the battery plus extra efficiency from the ram.

    Don't expect to get a 6s and be able to jailbreak it though, we won't have it until ios9.1 at the earliest so you could be waiting a while but it will be worth the wait when it comes.

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