Thinking of selling MacBook and buying Mac Mini... worth it?


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May 18, 2009
I'm really considering selling my MacBook and buying a new Mac Mini (with edu store discount). I currently have my MacBook hooked up, pretty much 24/7, to the 24" monitor on my desk. I love the screen space and frankly just the desktop environment more than having it on a desk more than lying down on the sofa.

I love my MacBook but its got its short comings. First off is the space it takes up on my desk when connected to the monitor. I've moved it somewhat out of the way but it still doesn't work very well. My second and biggest gripe is definitely the video card. The GMA3100 with 128MB just doesn't cut it for me. Watching full screen HD videos when connected to the monitor is impossible, and while just watching on the MacBook makes the fans go wild. Not to mention flash adverts *runs*.

Now I would have sold it already if it weren't for next year when I'm going to cegep. Its the equivalent pretty much to college so we're allowed laptops and such in class. This is the downfall to my whole idea because it would be very nice to own a laptop that I can bring to and from school. But this is only next year and I'm sure I could buy a Netbook to use in class like most people I know (yet that is extra $$).

BTW specs are as follows...

White MacBook (late 2008)
Combo Drive
3Yr. Warranty
Incase Black Sleeve

I think I'd be able to get approximately $900 for this machine, while I can get a Mac Mini for roughly $900 with tax. Here are the pros and cons of the two...

Mac Mini Pros:
-Faster processor
-Faster RAM
-Faster video card
-Bigger HD
-Doesn't take up as much room on my desk
-Dual-monitoring capabilities

-Not portable
-1 year warranty vs MacBook's 3 year
-Need to spend approx. 300 bucks next year sometime for a netbook

MacBook Pros:
-3 Year Warranty
-Save me $$ on a netbook

-Takes up room on my desk
-No dual monitoring capabilities

So what should I do? Keep the portable one because its not THAT big of a difference or switch to the Mac Mini?



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Sep 9, 2009
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I agree. You will not get as much as you want for your '08 MB. There are new MB and MBP being released within a few months. I highly doubt that you will get $900 for it since, with educational discount, it will cost $950 not including tax for a new MB. The difference is merely $100.

I would not recommend a netbook compared to a MB. I have one, yes it is portable, but after long periods of usage, your vision will start to deteriorate because of the small screen. This is the reason why I'm upgrading to a MBP this upcoming spring.


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Oct 29, 2009
No new macbooks in a month, they just got a full re-do.

And another no-way on the $900.

Brand new macbooks were just $800 at microcenter, and are $925 at macconnection right now.

Have you tried doing some troubleshooting? My wifes MB with a Core Duo and 950 video card does OK with HD video and flash. Nothing spectacular, but it works. What kind of HD? Link?


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Jun 25, 2008
+1 for not selling the'll regret it when you'll need to take your mac out somewhere to show off in a coffee shop :p

just buy a stand that keeps your MB in a vertical position...saving space for this

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