Thinking of switching from Verizon to sprint

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by WindowsTraitor, Sep 13, 2015.

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    Dec 31, 2008
    I am currently paying 258 for 4 lines 10gb data unlimited talk and tex on Verizon. 3 phones are on the edge program and 1 is on the 2 years contract. I have about 7 months left on both.

    I am thinking of switching to sprint to get the iPhone forever program. 2 iPhones 6s 16gb + 1 iPhone 6s 64gb + 1 iphone 6s plus 64 gb will run me 216 per month including tax. The program would give me 40gb of data. They will also pay to close the contract with Verizon.

    Is this a good deal would you switch? Is the coverage with sprint decent?
  2. Cuniac macrumors 6502a

    Jan 23, 2013
    Here is something to be aware of.

    Carrier choice is a battle between Cost vs Coverage vs Safety. No one offers any customer service that is better than the other, its all pretty bad. Going down the list from best to worst in terms of coverage:
    1) Verizon - Best coverage but a
    lso the most expensive.
    2) AT&T - Second best coverage, but almost as expensive as Verizon. Honestly so close you're better off going with Verizon for the extended coverage.
    3) T-Mobile - Coverage is good in metropolitan areas but not good in rural areas. Cost is pretty good compared to other carries
    4) Sprint - Has slightly better coverage than T-Mobile, However the coverage is plagued with reception issues. Slightly more expensive than T-Mobile but sometimes its neck and neck.

    Now it all depends on what you need. If you are in the City 90+% of the time T-Mobile is probably your best choice as cost is good. If your going to be in the city a lot but also take occasional trips, you will probably want AT&T or Verizon. If you take a lot of trip or the occasional trip go's though very rural areas or you're like me in Arizona and have to drive long stretches of desert to get out of the greater phoenix area. Verizon is your best bet.

    It does come done to how much can you afford, but also does that cost equal your safety. For example I used to be on AT&T. In city it had perfect coverage but I take trips to Flagstaff often. That is a two hour drive with long stretches of desert. There were several points where I would loose service. I never thought much of it until one day I got a flat right in the middle of the longest stretch. I pulled out my iPhone 4s (with bumper lol) and held it to sky. Even when standing on the roof of my SUV it went from 1 bar to no service, back and fourth. I could not get the tire off for some reason and I could not call for help. However, I had my iPad 3 with me that I got Verizon on. Sure enough it had 2 bars of 3G. Shortly after I switched to Verizon.

    Now I'm not saying Verizon is the end all be all as everyone will have dead spots when others my not. But please take in to account Cost vs Coverage vs Safety.
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    Oct 7, 2014
    The price is excellent but you truly get what you pay for...there's a reason Verizon and AT&T charge what they do and people pay it.

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