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    HI ALL. i Install Medival 2 total war and also every available expansions with it... which means kingdoms. Now tryin to get Third age work correctly

    i know i must to do this (copyof instructions from other forum) :

    its works great...if any mac users are out there, here's how to play the mod

    Download the Medieval 2 Total War Wrapper from Paul the Tall (i bought the game through gamersgate for 9.95) and install it according to his instructions.

    Download TATW 3.0 Pt1 and 2

    Right click your Medieval 2 wrapper icon and show package contents

    Drop the TATW .exe's into C:/

    Open Wineskin from within the wrapper

    Advanced -> Set executable to TATW Pt. 1 ->Done -> Exit Wineskin

    Double click Medieval 2 wrapper - the TATW install program will start -> Install TATW

    Repeat for TATW Pt. 2

    Open wineskin and set executable to the Third Age.bat file in the mods folder of Medieval 2 folder in drive c within the wrapper contents.

    Double Click Medieval 2 Wrapper and enjoy.

    It installed perfectly and seems to run extremely well, but I keep getting an Unspecified Error ctd during battles.

    But what mean FFS this ****ing >

    Right click your Medieval 2 wrapper icon and show package contents

    Drop the TATW .exe's into C:/


    So what i must to open medieval 2 total war by clicking right then > show contents and go to Driver c? and past those downoladed mods?? and the when i going to instal them tell me please some one how! :| by making new wrapper right?? i got the newest wineskins i created quickly new blank wrapper and after i click on his instal software like it was on the forums .... but what i should to chose for instalation place?????? ????????? the folder of medieval total war 2 or just that one basic one , which you can get as first destination of installation.

    Sorry for english but i am not english or american at all. PLEASE HELP TO ANSWER :) CHEERS

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