Third party ITV Player (British TV Network) download?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by 03 Hodag, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. 03 Hodag macrumors member

    Nov 16, 2008
    Vancouver, BC
    Can anyone point me towards a third party download of ITV Player so I can watch British television on my device? Its a free app but only available for download from the UK iTunes Store. I recently started paying for VPN so I'd be able to trick the app into thinking I'm in the UK. Installous doesn't yield any results and some quick internet and torrent searches haven't helped either. Thanks!
  2. redbroccoli macrumors member

    Apr 24, 2010
    Why don't you just make a UK iTunes account?
    As you said, it's a free app so you don't have to put CC info there.

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