Third Party Milanese Loop is actually really good.

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by The Doctor11, Apr 11, 2016.

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    Recently I was sent a third party black milanese loop. I probably would not have bought the band by myself because I thought for $16 surely it cannot compare to Apple's band that cost $200. To my amazement, the band is awesome. It looks great, it feels great, and its only $16. Having tried the Space Black Milanese Loop band on in the store I have no idea what the difference between this band in the official one is. If you're thinking about getting an official Apple band but you're unsure of the price I honestly think you should consider trying a third party band. Any one else have any good, or bad third party band experiences?

    If you want more on it I have a video here

    They did not pay me, they did not ask me to post here, all the company did was simply send me the band and ask that I put a video on YouTube about it. The amazon link is also a nonreferl link so I get nothing for any purchase I am posting here because I think people like myself may be underestimating how good third party bands are.
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    The only Apple Band I have is the one that came with purchase of the watch. I have several 3rd party Milanese Loops, all which are great. I also have a few other 3rd party bands as well. Very pleased with the Moko brand on Amazon.

    If you're interested in other 3rd party bands and/or testimonials, check the thread in the accessories section here:

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