Third party networking utilities?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by LiquidHarmony, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. LiquidHarmony macrumors newbie

    Jun 1, 2009
    Are they needed? Any recommended ones?

    I'm having a far from perfect experience networking with Windows PCs especially. I know I'm very unexperienced with built-in Mac features, so if there are any features I am unaware of, I'd appreciate learning about them. But my main point is learning about possible third party utilities that might be much betterly implemented, specifically with Windows PCs in mind.

    Here are the pains I suffer from:
    *The 'Shared' list is unpredictable, and doesn't refresh often enough. When a laptop becomes available on the network, how long exactly do I have to wait until my Mac picks up on that? Is there anyway to force my Mac to search for computers on the network? Or searching for PCs within a specific IP range? How about simply browsing workgroups?

    *The networking style is confusing, moving from Windows. I expected it to be simpler. When trying to connect, or ping a specific computer, do I use 'Shared' computer name or NetBIOS? Or ComputerName.local? or SMB://ComputerName?

    *Sharing with Windows is unreliable, failing to connect several times, files disappearing and reappearing all the time. I have to map them as drives or whatever.

    *Connecting to some Windows computers is also unreliable. Features like "Connect as" failing without giving any explination. Failing to connect as Guest to publicly shared folders.

    That is all. Thanks in advance.
  2. MisterMe macrumors G4


    Jul 17, 2002
    What do you want third-party networking utilities to do?

    It would appear that your primary problem is that you are simply used to the Windows way of doing things. When you came to the Mac, you expected it to be at once "easier" and "the same." These are two mutually exclusive expectations.

    At networking, MacOS X is immeasurably easier to use than Windows. It is also necessarily different. Because it is different, you are not familiar with it. No one came out of the womb knowing this stuff. Everyone has to learn. So do you. As you become familiar with the Mac way of doing things, you will find it really is easier.
  3. LiquidHarmony thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 1, 2009
    Mac-to-Mac networking, perhaps. But I'm using the only Mac in a house hold full of Windows machines, and one of the very few Macs in my university. I have problems networking with them, so I switch to Windows for full compatibility. I'd like either simple solutions or third party utilities that make this sort of thing easier. I've spent a good deal of time exploring networking. I'm impressed at the basic ideas, but not the apparently clunky implementation. (I don't say that about many things in OS X)

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