Price Advice This a Good Price for a TB Drive???

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by intz2nu, Apr 11, 2013.

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    Auction looks pretty shady to me. If it were my money, I'd steer clear.

    For instance:

    - Seller has only 26 Feedback.

    - Looking at the sales history, there are a bunch of Canon Mark III's, a MBA and some other high priced stuff, but a lot of coffee too.

    - The buyers of the expensive items have shady looking user names as well.

    - No returns / Exchanges

    - Seller is in Hawaii (this alone isn't shady, but everything else seems a bit off).

    My gut feeling says walk away and find a more reputable source, even if their products are refurbished.

    Just a quick find for an alternative that makes me feel warm & fuzzy: G-Tech G-RAID 4TB w/ Dual Thunderbolt Ports. Its only $499, and Adorama is a reputable reseller.
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    Thanks for the tips folks. I never seen anything that looked shady in their feedback history so I'm not sure what part is shady.

    EDIT: I asked the seller about the item and they stated that the retail outlet that closed its doors had auctioned off multiple items of their unsold inventory and that is how it was obtained as well as the previous high dollar items they previously sold.

    They also said that in order for them to have sold the high dollar amount items that eBay required them to fax a copy of their Drivers License and Social Security Card, along with a proof of residency and without that verification that they would have needed to have waited over a year with over a 100 transactions of various dollar amounts to be able to sell items of that amount in their previous auctions.

    I feel a little bit more comfortable now knowing that without the seller having to verify such info that they would have not been able to list the dollar items in the first place. So I guess this is somewhat a better reasurance on the seller.

    I'll still keep my eyes out for new unit at a decent price being I can't swing it just quite yet.

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