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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Lamarak, Nov 1, 2013.

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    On craiglist a guy is selling a mid 2012 i5 13 mbp 500 gb 4 g ram. Got from conns three weeks ago and have 14 day return. Sent me the serial number and all checks out. I can still add apple care if i want, asking 1000. Its only three weeks old. I know not retina and stuff, but really just need for school and itunes library. Been using a 2009 air and about to go.

    This a bad price though a bit old but still store new?
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    if there's nothing wrong with it i'd say 900 is a better price. poster above saying 700 is a joker - the machine is not that old and is upgradable.
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    $1000 is too high for that.

    Good price would be $800 no more.
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    lol, I was in conns the other day and they have this model on the floor for $1499 - with a case and screen protector "bundle" ($50 worth of crap). The salesman said they do this so they don't have to price match it - this same laptop was on sale at best buy for $1099 at the time. Conns....the rip off store - whoever is selling it is probably going to take a huge loss and probably shouldn't have bought from Conns in the first place (but probably used their financing and maybe selling for quick cash?). I'd agree that I wouldn't pay more than $800 for that same model as the prices will be dropping on them drastically since so "old" now and you can get the new model for $999. Check refurbished on also.
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