This Computer is already associated with an Apple ID HELP ME!!!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by NightHawkPW, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Hello everyone! Last night I finally went and got a MacBook PRO from our local Apple store. This is my first one. Anyway, here is my problem...

    I came home and set everything up and went into iTunes and logged in with my Apple ID. All of my past purchases showed up so I was happy. After about 5 hours of playing on it since its a new toy I decided to go create a profile on the Mac for my mom. She doesn't care to use computers and only used the last one once every couple of weeks only to sync her iPad or iPhone. I went in and added her iTunes and everything.

    Now, on MY iTunes account when I tried to play some songs of my past purchases a pop up would come and say "this computer is associated with an Apple ID" and something else about 90 days. Its weird because in my moms iTunes account, we were able to play her past purchases no problem!! Both of our iTunes accounts are authorized on this MacBook. Whats weird is I set mine about 5 hours or so before her's as I've mentioned and my music (purchased ones from the past) won't play but her's will. What's going on here?

    We don't have iTunes match or anything in case anyone is wondering. Please someone help me! Because even though the songs show up in iTunes, it won't let me sync those songs to my iPhone and it sucks because when I synced my phone to iTunes on this Mac, it erased everything so now I can't even put my purchased songs on there!!!! Thanks in advanced guys!!
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    Feb 16, 2013
    Have you tried calling Applecare ? You said that you just purchase this notebook so you should have the 90 day complimentary technical phone support so if I were you I called as quickly as I was able to get this issue fix.
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    Your MBP (i.e. a device) is associated with your Mom's Apple ID and cannot be associated with your Apple ID for 90 days.

    As stated above you could try calling Applecare or wait for 90 days.

    Further info here:

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