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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by flosseR, Feb 17, 2010.

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    Ok, i had a 105mm VR Nikon micro and well it's gone, in terms of the af-s motor inside is broken and the focus (manual) does not work anymore. It grinds and barely moves if you use the zoom ring (which doesn't move much) and hooking it up to the camera just makes really weird noises.
    So I took it for a quote on repair and they quoted me a large amount.... Since the lens is WAY out of warranty it would cost quite a bit to repair it.

    Now I am flying to the US in a few weeks and was planning to buy a new one over there. I went through the usual places including adorama, KEH, B & H and amazon but the cheapest I find is about 800 dollars (which is still 80-100 euros cheaper than here).
    I would be more than willing to buy it through amazon germany as well but I am looking for sub 580 euros, which in german prices is impossible and even my trusty dutch store wont go there. I have seen them at that price level before though.

    any trusty online shops that anyone still knows?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I would suggest a reputable retailer regardless of the minor price differentiation, but that way of thinking should inherently come from owning a broken lens that is out of warranty. Might just be me:p
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    Maybe you should also check that it's from an authorized retailer. I once bought a D300 from - what I thought - was a decent online shop, and not even the cheapest around. It turned out later that I ended up with a grey import, for which Nikon does not provide warranty.

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