This is actually a really cool Logitech Keyboard

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by MacFinnley, Apr 5, 2016.

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    Been using the keys to go for a long time. Love it. It's better than the smart keyboard with respect to having the row of shortcut keys across the top. I have the teal colour.
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    Honestly, I've went on and on almost about the Logitech Keys to Go option with an Apple Smart Cover, just for the sake of detachment capability and shortcut keys. However, and after careful thought, I must say, I've now returned those two and replaced them with the Apple Smart Keyboard. While this is what I originally had, I certainly believe that the fact that most shortcuts can be accessed via other efficient means, e.g., volume buttons on iPad instead of on keyboard; CMD+H for Home, rather than a button; switching apps by swiping up on screen with four fingers, etc...

    My point is, I believe that the tactile feel of a keyboard is the absolute most important aspect of a keyboard, bar none. In my estimation and experience, the Apple Smart Keyboard provides a world's difference in key response and throw than the Logitech Keys to Go, with the flat keys it uses. Hope this has been useful for anyone on the fence.
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    I agree with you here. I love the tactile feel of the keys. For my main keyboard at work, I have a mechanical keyboard with cherry red keys and totally love it. At home for my laptop I use one with topre keys. So yes the feel is also important to me as well. My husband gets a kick out of the Smart Keyboard - he asks me if I'm pounding on it as he can hear the keystrokes. When I type fast on the Smart Keyboard it is pretty loud. LOL
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    For the Keys to Go - how do you use it with the iPad on your lap if you are sitting in a recliner? Without a click in of the iPad to a keyboard, I can't imagine how to keep the iPad steady when it's not attached.
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    I find the ASK more useful. It's always there (as a cover) and self supports the iPad so I can use on my lap. I have the Logitech sitting in my pouch, but didn't find situations where I could use it at a table. That said, I miss the lighter Smart Cover and find that I take off the keyboard when I read - I never took off the Smart Cover.

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