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  1. Splitshot109, Nov 22, 2014
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    Nov 22, 2014
    Hey guys- just made this account because I came across something that is either a huge glitch or something I just didn't know was a thing:

    SO I was minding my own business, plugged my iphone 5s into my macbook pro to charge, I force quit an application and started scrolling through an app on my phone. I looked back up on the screen- and I see a tab open, giving me a real-time log to what my iphone is doing. I was getting a log displaying how my phone tried to connect to cloud after I closed it- how my phone requested a secure lock screen, etc. This has never happened before, but it gave me my phone, and the projects in xcode i had to explore through them.. it displayed my phone on a menu bar on the left, showed it's serial, asked if i wanted to use it for modifying, etc.
    The application told me to "update the SDK because certain things were not ios8 genuinely supported or something like that
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    That window is interesting. What's the name of the app?
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    That looks like the device window in Xcode to me. And it's displaying your iPhone's console log.

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