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Dec 27, 2012

This is going to sound silly but.... there any way i can download all 1417 tweaks from the default Cydia repositories and store them on my device in /var/mobile/?

Yep, i know what you're thinking, i'm drunk, this is an outrageous idea. Well that's not the case much to your disappointment. :)

I'm convinced i have come up with a great idea, and i'd love to know whether it's possible and how to do it.

The reason i would like to do this is because i don't always have internet access when i see something i want to install on Cydia. The .deb files could be stored in the home directory where i could run the installer offline through iFile; and to do this i think you have to click the package and then hit 'Installer'.

Let's say the average tweak size is around 450KB, you can times that by 1417 which gives you 637650, meaning that in total the packages would take up 637MB on my iPod Touch. This isn't much especially on devices with 16GB/32GB memory.

Remember though, i am talking about the tweaks only, not the other sections in Cydia such as Utilities/Addons/Themes.

So the question is;

How do i bulk download all the tweaks in Cydia to my device or computer, ready to transfer over to the /var/mobile/ once done?

Thanks everybody! :D

Note: By the way, i'm talking about the FREE tweaks only and not cracked versions.
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Mar 16, 2009
The Jailbreak Community
A few of the .deb files are available outside of Cydia, but not that many.
You would have to download and install all the other packages and use something like DebainSaver on your device, then move then to whatever folder you want to store them in (and of course remove them afterwards).

Honestly, its a idea that would eat up massive amounts of time, make the "other" file on your device so big you would have to do multiple restores and just the upkeep on new hack versions that are released every day alone would prohibit this.

Honestly "silly" doesn't even begin to cover this idea.
Likely why no one else chimed in here


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Aug 15, 2009
Connecticut, USA
Well, it is possible to download packages from repositories using information from the Cydia search. Normally you have to browse to the app and combine the repository address (which you can find in Cydia) with the file name to get the complete url. I suppose it would be possible to create a script to automate that process.

The problem, which is not an insignificant one, is going to be dealing with dependencies. If a tweak depends on other packages, you would have to install those before installing the tweak using iFile; and you will not know about such dependencies until you try to install them. And these dependencies are not likely to be found in the Tweaks section of Cydia.

All in all I have to agree with dhlizard that it's a bad idea.


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Jun 9, 2009
Mich near Detroit
Here is the problem I see with your idea sounds great and all but there are many programs that are some programs that are buggy, or will cause conflicts with each other. Some are not compatible with all firmware. Any of these issues can cause the phone to go into a loop or respringing. then you have to figure out which ones are causing the problems. best way is to uninstall packages. you could easily cause a nightmare for yourself. Most of us long time jailbreaks stick with tweaks we know work well. We don't have to have every theme out. Jailbreaking is great but it's not perfect. tweaks are only as good as the dev that writes them. some work very hard to avoid conflicts some don't care.


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Dec 27, 2012
You have made some very good points there chaps, i didn't even think about the dependencies in which the tweaks would require and the compatibility with the iOS version. Obviously these are major points to consider, but there is a small workaround on the latter point which would work.

I'm not sure wether you have seen this but there is a list available on Modmyi and Redmond Pie which shows a very large amount of tweaks available (Precisely 474 major tweaks) in the default Cydia sources and whether they are compatible with iOS6 or not. This could be printed out so i could double check before installing on most tweaks.

Quite how i would solve the dependencies issue i don't know.

But nevertheless, i would still like to have a go at this. One of you said about constructing a script to bulk download all the packages, but i have never wrote a script in my life and would have no idea where to start. The nearest i have ever got to that sort of thing is writing a very basic HTML webpage.

Is bulk downloading not possible in Cyder? (download manager on Windows/Mac)

Thanks guys. :)
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