iPhone This is how you can make your 6s+ shoot better (currently, pano-only) images

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    As we all know (see DPR's 6s+ review at http://connect.dpreview.com/post/7381192801 ) the 6s / 6s+ apply very strong and destructive noise reduction (NR). This is what made me, developer of several past camera hacks and enhancers, concentrate on getting rid of the absolutely unnecessary NR.

    After a LOT of tweaking and hacking, I was able to significantly enhance the pano capture quality of the jailbroken 6s+.

    With my hacks, I tuned both color and luminance noise reduction, resulting in much better capture quality.

    Note that, so far, I could only hack the sweep panorama mode. I still do not know how stills / videos can be hacked. Nevertheless, if you shoot panos, particularly in good light, you'll love my hacks!

    To apply my hacks, you'll need to either manually edit a plist file or compile my app in Xcode and run it on your device. Please check out Bullet 2 in the just-added section "Continued at 12/11 20:46EET:" at #22 . It contains both demo images comparing the different results and my app.

    Note that the results may be applicable to other iPhone models as well - with minimal changes to, most probably, the filepath (6s) and the back camera type (iPhone 5/5s/5c/6/6+ and even the iPad mini2+ and Air+).
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    Thanks! Note that, geneally, I post even pano-specific updates in the linked thread. For example, I've just posted a pretty large update to #49
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    And just posted a major update: #57
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    I've created a polished and cleaned-up iPhone 6s+ pano tweaker tool, with a switch to switch between the two (tweaked and original) state and decent error handling. It contains a single switch to en/disable the tweak. Upon restart, the switch will be initialized to the current state of the tweak.

    As with my previous sources, compile and deploy it in Xcode. Make sure you do add “World” write rights (in addition to the default read rights) to /System/Library/Frameworks/MediaToolbox.framework/N66/CameraSetup.plist for it to be used. I'll also create a DEB file and a full Cydia release of the tweak some time, which, as with my previous, similar tweaks, will also automatically set the file access rights upon installation. In the meantime, feel free to use this source code.

    Here is the source: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/81986513/iPhone6sPlus-20151224-panoswitcher.zip

    Hope you'll find it useful!

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