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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Lixivial, Jun 13, 2006.

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    I submitted a bug to Apple the other day, two to be exact, and one of them I knew was a bit out there. Essentially I run my dock at the top of the screen, and I noticed that sub-menus/menu extras are shifted downward by the dock, depending upon the size.

    Now, this is not a supported configuration, so I didn't expect much if anything to be done. So, when I received a reply stating that it is "Intended behavior," I wasn't much surprised. My problem is that it makes OS X run in a rather ugly state if this configuration is used. Sometimes it even makes submenus useless because when you mouse over to reach them, OS X indicates that the menu has been left and then closes.

    I'm not making a stink about it, but the statement that it "behaves as intended," seems a bit off. I attached some images to my bug report that I'll put here, too. Note that Spotlight is not affected by this. I suspect Apple simply disregards it because the dock is not meant to be attached to the top of the screen. My configuration has the tile-size set at 9px, but my menu extras are still shifted downward by two or so pixels.

    Sorry if this is useless, I felt that some people may find it a bit interesting, that's all. :)

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    that makes sense, because that way if there's ever something in the way, OS X menus just move around it. and you can use the arrow keys to do stuff, and not worry about not being able to see it b/c of the dock.

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