iPod This is sooo frustrating....


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Oct 23, 2006
I bought a video off of itunes, and when I go to put it on my ipod after a 12 hour download, a message pops up that reads "some of the items in the itunes library were not copied to the ipod "Alison" because your ipod software is too old. Go to the summary tab in ipod prefrences and click update to get the latest ipod software update" Okay, I go to the summary tab and I can see the update button, butttt there is a message next to it that says "only mac formated ipods can be updated" Yes, It is on windows format because I used to have a pc...but now that i have this mac, I need to update my ipod to mac format WITHOUT deleting all of the songs off of it. Is this possible? If so, how? I have downloaded music off of probabaly 5 other pcs....so i really have nooo clue where to go to get all of my music back if i have to completely restore the ipod.:mad:

Well if anybody knows what to do...then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me...that would be great!



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Apr 2, 2006
AFAIK you have to restore it, but i'm really not sure.:confused: sorry i'm not of more help. You could try being more organized/having all your stuff in on spot?


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Jun 15, 2000
Use an app like Senuti to get all the music off your iPod and bring it all into iTunes. Then once you know you have it all off your iPod, restore your iPod using iTunes 7.


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Mar 13, 2004
It amazes me how easily people can come onto forums and openly bitch and moan about how their iPods won't let them easily pirate music. :rolleyes:
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