This is why I hate iTunes

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    I guess at some point my brother must have does something with his phone in my iTunes account. I notice I have a bunch of music in my iTunes library that I don't recognize and I'm assuming it must be from my brother's phone.

    I plugged my phone into my laptop tonight to charge it and even though I could have sworn I turned off the INCREDIBLY ANNOYING auto-iTunes-opening-when-plugging-in-your-phone option, I now have stuff like this in my iPhone music:


    iTunes has always befuddled me with crap like this. It's always one thing or another - taking crap off my phone, trying to stick every app I've ever downloaded in my life back onto my phone, etc. I guess I've just always fundamentally misunderstood some basic way that iTunes operates because this type of stuff has plagued me for 5 years now. For being so intuitive, iTunes sure does **** up the iPhone experience.

    I thought I was done with iTunes permanently, too.

    Anyway, I now have all this music listed on m phone but it's grayed out and I can't click on it/play it/anything. I either want to just completely wipe off this "blank" music OR "activate" it somehow. I can take it or leave it, but having my phone show this music but have it grayed out is really annoying. Tips?
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    Jan 24, 2010
    iTunes will not sync over his music onto your iPhone. The library ID's are different and trying to sync it would require all media be erased from your iPhone first. Unless you manually added music onto your iPhone, iTunes did nothing wrong.

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