??? "This item was not added to iCloud because an error occurred."

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    [this is related to my other thread but specific enough that I started a new one]

    I have thousands of items in iTunes with an exclamation point to the left of the title (in a circle) and to the right (in a cloud). The iCloud status field reads 'error'. If I click on it I get the message in my subject line.

    When I look on my iPhone or AppleTV the items are there and stream just fine.

    What the heck is going on?
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    Actually, it's not specific enough to justify a new thread. All of this is apparently related to the same issue - your apparently messed-up iTunes library.

    If you want help, make it simple for anyone willing to help to find all the pertinent info. Referring to, "my other thread" doesn't cut it. You cannot assume that everyone reading this thread has also read the other thread. At the least, provide a link here to that other thread. Even better, post this same info in the other thread, and let the experts from whom you want assistance to decide what is and what is not pertinent info for that thread.

    Diagnosis is a tough business. The best thing the "patient" can do is lay it all out there for the diagnostician(s), and let the diagnostician(s) put the pieces together. As soon as the patient starts making decisions about what is and is not pertinent/related and presents only what he/she believes is pertinent, the patient is cutting him/herself off from a solution.

    All that said, I suspect you're seeing this particular error message because you had iTunes Match scan your computer's iTunes library (iTunes > Store > Update iTunes Match). Since the library is messed up (songs missing), of course Match is going to have a problem. The operative words in the error messages are, "not added to iCloud." If it's not in the iTunes library on your computer, it cannot be added to iCloud. (I could not have figured this out without ALSO having read your other thread.)

    In the other thread you were asked to try downloading songs to your computer from iCloud. Did you try to do that? If so, what happened? (Please reply in the other thread, along with the error message you reported here.)
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    I posted this in case anyone had addressed this specific error message without having to deal with the larger issue. A year or so ago it happened to me on a single track that I ignored. Had I dealt with it I might have uncovered a larger issue that grew and caused my current situation.

    If I could delete this thread I would.
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    This item was not added to icloud because an error occurred

    Hello there,
    I'm not a tech savvy person and this is the first time that I am using a forum like this in the hope that someone can help. I'll try to be as specific as possible, but please let me know if I have missed out some crucial information in your ability to help.

    I recently bought itunes match. I am aiming to move all of my music from an external hard drive into itunes match. Whether the external hard drive is plugged into my computer or not, itunes match says that there are 5022 songs available on the icloud. When I unplug the external hard drive and re-run match, the same number - 5022 - is quoted. Equally, when I look at My Music, it says there are 5000 items.

    The problem I have is that although all of these tracks have transferred to my iphone 6 and I can play them all OK from there, when I disconnect my external hard drive from my computer, I cannot play the tracks from my computer. It has a little exclamation mark & cloud icon that says ' this item was not added to icloud because an error occurred'. If I plug the external hard drive back in, the same tracks play OK from my computer.
    The songs that have this problem are ones that were copied across from old CDs onto my external hard drive. All the ones that I have purchased from the itunes store seem to play from my computer OK whether the external hard drive is plugged in or not.

    It seems therefore that the old CD tracks are still reading from my external hard drive and not the iCloud but I'm not sure how / why and what to do about it. Ultimately. I'm wanting to get rid of the external hard drive and be able to listen to my tracks anywhere with any device, but am too afraid to do this until I can figure this out.

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance!

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