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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by CrashX, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. CrashX, Aug 4, 2017
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    Apr 13, 2012
    Now that we're bumping up hard against Moore's Law, we MIGHT be entering the era of "Classic" computers that could run ad infinitum?

    I can still crank up every computer I've ever owned, with the exception of my Sinclair 1000. An Apple ///, a PS/2 286, etc. They all RUN quite well to this day, although they're basically useless.

    But what if my late 2013 MacBook Pro Retina could run... forever? AND be a useful productive machine? Why NOT?

    I realize Apple will introduce more and more of what I call "silly bloat" to the OS, retiring old machines. But my 2007 still runs El Capitan - and, conceivably, Apple is gonna have a MUCH harder time bloat-retiring Macs given the Moore's Law problemo.

    So are we in an age of "Classic" Macs that never need be retired? And, if so - how do we protect them?

    Before anyone gets riled - "No!!! We always need faster computers!!! YOU IDIOT!!! What you're proposing would put our beloved Apple OUT OF BUSINESS!!!! Nooooooooo!!!" -

    The most pressing problem we face isn't our Macs not being powerful enough - it's that Macs should forever remain perty.

    I learned my lesson with my 2007 MacBook Pro - after 5 years, it was aesthetically trashed...

    Apparently, the oils from my hands absolutely destroyed the palm rest and the keyboard - I think they call it "etching"?

    So fast-forward to my late 2013 MacBook Pro - so far, so good? I have a palm guard - basically a card-stock "sticker" that protects my palm rest and the trackpad. And a keyboard cover. I went with Moshi, because apparently it's the closest color match?

    The palm guard has done its job - and now, instead of my MacBook Pro - the card stock is etched. So I pulled it off to replace it, only to find out I'd been sent the wrong sized replacement. No biggie - just return it and get the right size.

    BUT - it got me thinking. Which is always dangerous...

    Has anyone ever applied car wax to protect the finish of their MacBook Pro? I use Aerospace 303 on my Jeep - it's apparently the bomb, according to all the detailing enthusiasts?

    So I was hoping the gurus might share whether it's incredibly stupid to try to "wax" my currently still aesthetically pleasing MacBook to offer additional protection? I realize it would be slippery - and given the 303 is liquid, I'd have to be VERY careful - maybe only buff up the outer shell?

    I can't put card-stock all over it - and I'd like to keep it looking all Ivy forever. So - whatever best protects my Classic forever Mac?

    Also - if anyone happens to know what to do about guarding against the battery expanding, that would be helpful?

    When I placed my 2007 into storage - I was able to remove the battery. When I checked on it, the battery had gotten all "swoll" - either it had been taking steroids, or something terrible happened?

    At any rate - my 2013 has the battery permanently inside. I'm guessing Apple did that on purpose, given they are very well aware of the Moore's Law problem. But despite them sticking a ticking time bomb inside it to blow it to up eventually, I'd like to take it in for surgery and have a new battery installed PRIOR to that issue raising its ugly head?

    Thanks for any and all advice on how to keep all of our current "classic" Macs happily purring along into the next century?
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    It's a computer, a tool. Use it and when it doesn't work any more, ditch it and move on.
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    Apr 13, 2012
    Uhm... that's what Grandpa said about his '63 Corvette Stingray. Luckily my dad passed it on to me, and we've kept her in primo condition.

    The whole "disposable computer" thing is so nought. Gotta get with the teenies. Even if it does sound somewhat... noughty?
  4. jerryk, Aug 4, 2017
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    I have a 1984 Mac, but it is for show, not useful work. In between then and now I have had 20+ computer.

    And I dumped my 1970 Boss 302 with no regret. Sure it worth $200K now, but I would have spent a lot to get a place to store it, maintain it, etc for 30+ years. Now my 2016 BMW is 2 seconds faster 0-60, monitors traffic around me, had a HUD, and is tons more fun to drive.

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