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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by zacware, Apr 29, 2015.

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    After reading all of the negative reviews, I had a lot of doubt about my purchase of the watch. And when I first opened it, and played with it for a few minutes, I was really in a thought mode where I was trying to justify keeping it.

    But after wearing it for a day. And using it. Really using it. I think it is great.

    3rd party apps - I had reservations about this. Who would want something like Flipboard on their watch? Guess what? It turns out that I do. Having it on my watch is great!

    App loading time - No issue here. Usually (not always)... It takes 3 to 5 seconds for something like Flipboard to load. I really don't see that as an issue. Does anyone remember what it was like surfing the web on an iPhone 1 over an EDGE data connection? Granted, there are times when a 3rd party app that worked fine a minute ago now appears to take forever to do something, I am reasonably confident this is probably a system issue that can be fixed with software. So, since this is version 1.0 of the OS of a version 1.0 hardware device, I have to give developers and Apple some slack here.

    Watch-face display time - Another non-issue for me. It takes maybe 1 second of delay for the time to display. I don't see why this is a concern. There are times where the accelerometer doesn't interpret my wrist movement properly and I have to try again, but I've already started to learn how to avoid this by the way I move my wrist.

    Apple Pay - is freaking amazing! I went into ACME today and used it on my watch while my phone was out in the car and it worked perfectly.

    Phone calls - My wife called me and I answered it using my watch. She did not even know I wasn't using my phone until I told her.

    Workouts and Activity - I go to the gym twice a week, and I really didn't see the point of either of these apps. I'm not an athlete. I don't need to track the details of every workout, I'm just trying to keep 50 pounds I lost from coming back. But last night I was so tired that I convinced myself to skip the gym until later in the week. But when I got the "Go stand" alert on my watch, I opened up the activity app and when I saw how little physical activity I engaged in that day, I had no choice but to drag myself to the gym at 10PM and I wound up using the Arc Trainer for a half hour and the free weights for another half hour.

    Messages - In preparation for my watch's arrival, I read the online user guide and I also cleaned up my mess of inboxes so when the watch arrived I was ready to use it in a disciplined fashion regarding what notifications I wanted it to tell me about. For the most part, this has worked out extremely well. Just like email was so much easier to sift through than voice mails, and text messages are so much easier to sift through then emails, the watch is presenting me with an "executive summary" of messages that are addressed to me, and if I want the details, I can go to my phone.

    User Interface - I have heard people complain that it is not intuitive. I would disagree. It is new and different. After reading the online guide and trying things out myself, most everything made sense. Getting back and forth between the watch, the home screen, and your current app sometimes gets confusing, but that will either become clearer with time, or a future update will fix it.

    Haptic sensor and heartbeat. I have not had an issue with these, so I wonder if people do not have their watch snugly on their wrist?

    Is the watch perfect? certainly not....

    Battery life - I do think it comes up a bit short here. I could see myself using the watch a lot more than I do if I were not worried about the battery draining too soon. If you use the watch in a very casual fashion, you can easily get a days use out of it. But if you do a few more intensive tasks with it, you could drain it a lot faster than you would like. It is sort of like the earlier iPhones in this regard. I could use my older phones all day without issue, but if I got stuck at a doctor's office waiting room, and I played a 3D game for 30 minutes, I would need to find a charger for my phone to make it through the rest of the day.

    Cost - I will not deny that this is an extremely expensive gadget.
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    Actually, you should deny. You would spend about as much (maybe a little more, maybe a little less) for any mid-line watch from any number of mid-line manufacturers like Seiko, Citizen, Movado, Fossil...

    And those will have far less functionality. Which is truly costlier, then?

    But okay, I grant your point for the Edition. Not for the Sport, though, and not for the SS Watch, compared to the alternatives.

    (And even with the Edition, there are plenty of much (much!) costlier alternatives with, again, less functionality.)

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