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Sep 5, 2001
Jef: 'The bends' and 'Pablo Honey' are some early radiohead album titles and are not quiteas progressive as Kid A and amesiac. OK Computer is an awesome album, but like i posted earlier any radiohead is good radiohead.

Thlayli: Pink Floyd rocks...have you tried the Dark side of the moon/ Wizard of Oz trick? quite coincidental



Jul 9, 2000
this is bad

ok, this will show my age

MTV's "Kiss unplugged",
david wilcox "how did you find me here",
issac hayes "greatest hits",
marvin gaye's "last concert",
and kitty's "spit"

i grew up with kiss, the first time around when they wore makeup, and i never believed gene simmons' explanation then that they wore makeup because they were homely...until, that is, when they actually took the makeup off - i wonder if slipknot are homely, too...actually compared to the rolling stones and aerosmith, kiss look pretty good for guys in their fifties

only the last act i mentioned is new or modern... kitty are great musicians but i can't get used to the demonic muppet sounding vocals and everywhere i go, i see kitty this and kitty that

issac hayes made the theme song for shaft

marvin gaye got shot dead by his father in a domestic dispute

and david wilcox is a james taylor-like folk artist from the 90s with a small, but loyal following

i like almost anything musically and the last two music videos i watched were verdi's othello and metallica's binge and purge seattle...and oh yeah, i got to hear a little of the post be-bop cool jazz, new york style recently

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Oct 30, 2001
London, UK
My God...

What on EARTH do you get when you unplug KISS? I thought noise was their gimmick.

I also heard that they've more or less become their own tribute band.

Actually, one of my wife's girlfriends had a Kiss tribute band play at her wedding...

...Interesting, to say the least.

Come to think of it, I wonder if it WAS the original band, and they flew to Australia especially for the gig? Gene Symmonds really needs to catch some sun.

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Jul 9, 2000
kiss unpluged

the last time they played, to my knowledge, was in australia during the time the drummer peter criss quit for good

they actually sound so much better with acoustic guitars and that was the suprising thing i was blown away by

like eric clapton who gave us his finest hour on the MTV unplugged show, kiss (with all six members present) all got together and kicked butt with two lead guitarists and two drummers jamming away to the vocals of gene and paul

i kind of wished the band had; 1) stayed like that with all six and 2) kept their stupid makeup off

incidentally, one of the unmasked members of kiss, eric singer - drummer, donned the makeup when the cat persona makeup member peter criss left the band on their australian tour...i guess he got tired of the greasepaint being 53 and all

...and you are right, kiss makes the best kiss tribute band, even if they are getting up there in age

...and congrats to kiwi on becoming a full member...that puts you up there with russell crowe for famous new zealand folk

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Sep 5, 2001
Originally posted by kiwi_the_iwik
I think that takes me up to 30, and makes me a member.

Congrats....I'm almost up to senior member

*sniff* seems like yesterday I was asking how many posts to become a member *sniff*

those were the good ole days ;)


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Apr 26, 2001
"in those days the internet was in black and white, and we would all stand up at the end of it and sing the national anthem"
-The Armando Ianucchi show



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Jul 31, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA
Another band

Anyone ever listen to Dream Theater? They're a progressive rock band with some definite Pink Floyd influence. Their skill is puts Metallica to shame. Oh, and the Dark Side/Wizard of Oz thing is really cool...I totally recommend it.