Those with White 3g: How does it look a year later?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by KapitanIksrog, Jun 9, 2009.

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    I am about to upgrade from a 16 gb black 3g to a black or white 32 gb 3GS. I am contemplating going to the white one this time but am concerned about how they hold up (crack issue aside). Anyone notice any discoloration, yellowing, etc.

    I originally was going to go with the white but then looked at one of my older ipods (15 GB before the clickwheel) and it is horribly discolored. The 3G/S is obviouslly different material and the black has held up MUCH better than I thought (still looks brand new after a year aside from fingerprints) but I'm still worried.

    Also, because I assume it could be a factor, I use mine with a vaja retro slim bag and that's it. No screen protectors, back covers, etc..

    thanks !
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    Jul 11, 2007
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    Mine still looks pretty sexy. I got it July 11th

    There's some visible cracks around the edges (obviously). Also if you get any deep scratches on the back, they tend to get dirty inside, and look a little discoloured. Other than that it still looks really great, and it's still bright white!


    Edit - Pictures, to show what I'm talking about!

    [​IMG] Still looks amazing!
    [​IMG] A few cracks,
    [​IMG] A few more cracks,
    [​IMG] And a few more cracks.
    [​IMG] Deep scratches that appear a little dirty (Above "iPhone" logo) They're not too noticeable.

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