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    I have a story that is so incredible that i had to post it. So own a Moto Q-obviously the software is built for windows but there is markspace. So I bought it on May 28 of this year. In July, they released version 4. I chose not to try to upgrade since the only major improvement was windows mobile 6 compatibility.

    Flash forward to Leopard-saddly my version, version 3.2 does not work with Leopard, nor does the version 4. An update is imminent but the only way to get it would be for me to buy version 4. So on October 30, I sent them an email asking whether or not it would be possible in any way for me to get a free upgrade since I was very close to the June 1 cutoff date. The next day, realizing that the chances were small that I would get it, I bought it.

    Today i recieved this email

    "We recently implemented a new Support and
    Service system which is designed to better
    assist our customers.

    In the short term, it is causing some delays
    in our response time. Please accept our
    sincerest apologies for this.

    There has been an extra delay in answering
    your message, due to the nature of the
    question and your subsequent action the
    very next day.

    If you hadn't purchased the upgrade, I would
    have extended a grace period and given you
    the upgrade for free. However, when I saw
    that you had already paid, I really wanted
    to keep your money. So, I had to think
    about it for a few days. I finally decided
    to refund the cost of upgrade. You should
    see it post to your credit card within
    five business days.

    I think I spent more than $24.95 thinking
    about it! :)"

    I was so shocked and grateful that i sent them a thank you back, telling them how classy it was for them to not only grant my request but to give me my money back.

    Has anyone EVER heard of anything like this ever? Because I can say that this is by far the classiest thing I have ever heard of any company in any field in any situation ever do.
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    Properly managed support teams in companies who want happy customers do things like that all the time.

    If you treat your customers properly, and instill that feeling into your support teams, some pretty neat stuff can happen.

    I used to teach technical support at one of the top 2 computer companies. And we made sure that our agents would do what was best for both the customer and the company. We gave free tech support on stuff that was 10 years old, and would hunt down newer drivers and such. We were happy, they were happy. Eventually, management told us that because the #1 company didn't do it, we should stop so we could save money.

    That was a sad day. Nothing sucks more than knowing you can fix a problem, and knowing that you're fired if you do.

    Glad you found somebody who was empowered enough to make the decision, and empathetic enough to go ahead and make the decision.

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