Thought I'd share this deal of a lifetime.

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by TrevorR90, Mar 19, 2011.

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    So I went to AAFES, I'm stationed in Italy so its like our Walmart, to buy a printer. Well I go in there and there is this clearance going on. They are getting rid of all their laptops that were customer returns from the past 2 years. They must have had a 100 laptops returned.... They were all 90 % off original price. I go look at all their laptops. All of them were in the original box and some were missing chargers, batterys, cds etc.. Most of them were PCS but there were these 2 macbooks. One white and other unibody both 13" they were getting rid of for $150 each. I open up the boxes and look at them. They were both brand new. Had all the manuals and everything even the wrappin... I snag them and they said the unibody one didn't work upon the initial start up and the other one wouldn't boot up and had a folder icon with a question mark.

    I buy them both for $300 bucks. Well the white one all it needed was a hard drive. So I had a spare hard drive and put it in. It booted up! The battery for some reason isn't charging up the battery according to coconut battery has 0 charges but the age of mac was 30 months. I look at the return tag and it was sold back in 09 and returned 3 days later and its been laying in their stock room since today. Don't know whats going on with the battery. The other one I started it up and it kept beeping. So I look up the code on apples site and it said it was a "no ram" code. So I open it up and see if there was ram in there. There was. The first one I took out and I started it up. No-go. The second one I take out and put the first one in. It booted!! It started up to that catchy song and I register. The age of the mac was 0 months and it had 0 battery cycles. Thing was like brand new no wear on the keyboards or anything not even a finger print on the screen. According to the apple website this one hasn't even been registered and I have a receipt saying I bought this brand new. I'm going to try to see if apple will give me the one year warranty starting today since they both were sold to me as a new product they rung it up at the register as brand new products but gave me a discount stating I had a coupon. Thought I'd share!
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    nice deal ... you are right ... once in a lifetime :cool:
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