Thoughts about getting an iPhone 5s (already own the 4s)

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    Oct 20, 2009
    Am weighing the pros and cons of getting the 5s. Please bear with me as I elaborate my use cases and weigh the pros and cons of getting the latest iPhone.

    iPhone 4s usage:
    1. Regularly used for phone calls / messages
    2. Keeping up with my gmail / twitter / feedly / reddit
    3. Taking a lot of photos with the great camera
    4. Frequently listen to podcasts / music with earphones
    5. Logging walks with runkeeper
    6. Keep track of documents / notes with dropbox / evernote
    7. Rarely read articles / books / reading list
    8. Infrequent gaming

    As you may have guessed most of my reading and gaming in done on my wife's iPad mini. And I'm definitely getting one of the new iPads soon.

    Last year I skipped on the iPhone 5. However with the 5s and it's slew of new features here are my thoughts:

    1. 4" screen would probably be the biggest upgrade I don't do much reading and gaming on the phone
    2. A7 performance will be better but the 4s is no slouch in the real world
    3. Continuous burst mode, true tone flash and slow-motion are flashy rather than functional
    4. M7 could be useful for tracking walks but overkill
    5. LTE is non existent and very expensive in my country
    6. Touch ID has its hiccups (from what I've heard on twitter)
    7. Lightning connector would definitely be a plus
    8. Headphone jack on the bottom of the phone is a huge letdown
    9. Aluminium back would make for much better durability

    Still with me? Here are some questions if you own a 5 / 5c / 5s:

    1. I'm an avid gamer but the small screen has always been an hindrance. Will the 4" screen on the 5s be considerably better for gaming?
    2. Reading articles on feedly / pocket with the larger screen. Drastically better or just barely?
    3. Is there any real world difference between 512MB of RAM on the 4s and 1GB on the 5 / 5c / 5s?

    I haven't mentioned this earlier but the biggest hurdle would probably be that the 32GB iPhone 5s (unlocked) costs a whopping $1000 in my country. If I'm able to justify the price for the features over the 4s then I'll get the 5s.

    Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
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    Apr 26, 2009
    This will be incredibly nice. You said you spend a lot of time in email, twitter, reddit, etc. Having the extra screen real estate displays more content.

    You're jumping up 2 generations of processor. The speed difference will be very noticeable.

    Sounds like you take a lot of photos. Not only are you getting those upgrade camera functions (which, honestly, burst mode is pretty useful for getting stable shots), but, just like the 2 generation jump from the A5 to the A7, you're getting a 2 generation jump in the camera as well, which will be very significant in the quality of photos you take.

    M7 is new and isn't really being taken advantage of by developers, but software is coming. Just today, Nike released an M7 app (check the front page for the MacRumors story). If you're going to have this phone for 2 years, you'll probably get some use out of the M7 chip.

    I've personally not had a ton of issues with it. It works probably 90% of the time for me.
    This has absolutely no bearing on how the phone functions.

    The bump up in screen real estate is nice and makes landscape games, especially racing games, a bit more immersive, but if you're not a big fan of gaming on a mobile device it's not going to change the way you feel about it.

    As I said earlier, the screen can display more content, which means less scrolling and more content on the screen at once.

    More browser tabs persistently loaded, more apps running in the background (this is a big one IMO, especially with M7 apps potentially running all day long), heavy content creation apps like iMovie/Garageband able to work a bit faster.

    I think it's a significant upgrade over the 4S, but I'm not the one who's gotta plop down $1000 to upgrade. Hopefully some of my points have helped.

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