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Sep 11, 2011
Hey, I have some things I want to share and hear what you all think.

I started Jailbreaking when I first got my iPhone 3G. Since then, everything have been quite smooth if you ask me, if we're talking about the view of the Jailbreak community.

I have always heard and been told from every part that this is nothing about money.
What we all saw today might have shown something else?
I won't blame Evad3rs for anything, because money have been in the picture and for the right amount off money - everything is for sale (?).
Before this, it was all in the form of donations (?). And money might have been and is a motovation for all their work and efforts.

This sure have both pros and cons.
If you now view on how it all turned out,
a jailbreak release before a 7.1 grand release (I don't understand this part just yet), a collaboration with a Chinese alternative app store (?), tons for piracy, devs being mad and what not?
User data being sent and what more?
(I am not sure if this is all true, I read a lot on Twitter today… so there's no saying that all I stated here is true, beacuse I don't know.)

This is some parts that I've thought about and I really whould like some more inputs so that we all can "sort" this out and build ourselves a picture of what's really going on.

So please, share your thoughts and I hope that some of you don't find this thread all unnecessary.

- iiPwn


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Dec 5, 2008
San Francisco
after a few bad attempts...I've jailbroke my iPhone 5s

So I jailbroke my iPhone 5s finally, but now what? what's there that I should download? back then I used bitesms and ....I forgot what it was called but the app that when I swipe the top bar, a menu drops down with controls of different things...but we have it in iOS 7 now. New theme? not a big fan. though a few of them do look very nice, they slow down the phone and also makes the phone unstable.

what did you install on your jailbroken iOS 7?
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