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Aug 25, 2012
Belfast, NI
Hi all, I'm looking for your opinions on a wee project that I've had over the last few days. i started off with a 2006 blackbook that the logic board had gone bad in. instead of just replacing the logic board i wondered if i could upgrade it to a logic board that supported yosemite.

i won a early 2009 bottom case complete with logic board and superdrive on eBay for not too much money and began to compare the cases etc to see what i would have to modify. on initial inspection i found that 6 off the heat sink/fan mounting points were in the wrong position in the blackbook case, also the superdrive were different, apart from that initially everything else looked ok.

i started the mod by removing the mounting points from the black book with a scalpel, and the lifted the metal frame out off the 2009 and installing it to see where the new mounts were to be moved to. i marked them up with a centre punch and attached the mounts with epoxy resin, after letting it sit for a good 24hrs to harden i proceeded to assemble everything again and all was going well until it came time to attach the inverter cable to the logic board :( the connectors were different, i had to order a new inverter cable from ebay and when it arrived i got it installed, the inverters from the 2006 are the same as the inverters from the 2009 so it was just the cable needed. once that was all done everything went back to gather without a hitch.

i started up my now modified 2009 blackbook and installed yosemite from a usb drive and everything is running fine, and I'm posting this thread from it now :) . its nice being able to have the newest OS X on this black book as everyone knows they are the best looking MacBooks, and it does look awesome with the dark menu bars enabled lol.

i haven't got any pics yet but when i do i will upload them, and if anyone wants to do the same mod give me a shout and i will advise as much as i can. cheers jon
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