Thoughts on ACSP Certification for Apple Store Position?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by LiarInGlass, May 19, 2011.

  1. LiarInGlass, May 19, 2011
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    May 19, 2011
    I've worked Retail at two different Retail Department Stores since 2006. I'm currently a leader for a team at Kohl's in charge of Sales. I've got a quite a bit of experience in the Sales field regarding Credit, Sales, Email Goals, Sales Goals, and many other things that are important for Retail.

    I've also got many years of experience from a Hobby of Hardware repairs for Windows and Apple machines, but never been certified. I have considered applying for an Apple position at my local Apple Store, but when speaking to one person they asked me to look into the different Apple certifications because they thought it could get my Resume into the right pile compared to someone who wasn't certified.

    So, I have looked into the ACSP and ACMT exams, and have considered picking up the training book from Peachpit for Mac OS X 10.6 Support Essentials to train and study for the ACSP exam. If applying for a position, possibly the Specialist position for an Apple Store, does anybody have experience in that position or know if the ACSP certification would actually be worth getting for Apple to possibly look at that and see that I have experience and am very serious about the position and willing to become certified specifically for the company to know that I am serious?

    The exam is $200, and the training study guide is almost $70 at my local Barnes and Nobel. I just want some information on whether or not I should go ahead and go for this. Even if I did not get hired at Apple, I would still feel good knowing I was certified and possibly be able to try again at a later date.

    My current plan is to purchase the book, study it extensively for weeks or months, then schedule the ACSP exam, pass it, and then create a brand new Resume and hand it in to a Hiring Manager at my local Apple Store as well as apply and submit it online at their Careers site.

    Anybody with knowledge of this, please let me know or if Apple possibly requires any certification for a Specialist or Genius position at their stores.

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    Geniuses have to be certified, Specialists don't.

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