Thoughts on an iphone 4 from a 3G owner

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tigress666, Jun 24, 2010.

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    Apr 14, 2010
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    Let me get this out of the way:

    Antenna thing: Big bummer. I'm inclined to believe it's design flaw unfortunately. I hope Apple comes up with a good fix for future ones (like the clearcoat idea some people had that wouldn't ruin looks or size unlike a bumper but prevent the problem). Even better if they allow us with the first ones to get the fixed version (though, I will admit, I knew it was a risk getting a product the day it comes out, there's always a risk of some problem only found by the users when the item is new). For now I'll learn to try to not hold it there, at least not with my palm on that area (it doesn't seem to care if my fingers are on that seam).

    On to other stuff that people aren't talking about (this is from the perspective of some one who has a 3G so I don't know if it is an improvement over the 3GS or not as much of one):

    1. GPS. Wow, the thing actually finds me on the map quickly. Yes, I realize the old phone could be quicker sometimes than others, but it never was this quick. I'm very happy about this, this is one of the things I wanted to see improved on my phone (I love my phone but there were some things I wanted improved, mainly the GPS and the camera).

    2. Camera. Yay first of all for a quick shutter. Not even tolerable, but quick (hey, the 3G's shutter was useless when it first came out. When the 3GS and it's OS came out they improved it to be, well, it's a cellphone camera but it's what I got. Haven't tried too many pictures but I am impressed with the low light pictures other people have taken and other pictures. I have noticed that when I take a picture of my cat it looks blurry afterwards even though it did not when I took the picture. Odd thing is though when I go to look at it in the picture file, it's sharp again (it looks blurry when it gives you a quick preview after you take the shot).

    3. Yay having video. Though it really doesn't take to you moving very well (it blurs pretty quickly. Still, yay for having it, that was one thing I kinda was jealous of the 3GS for).

    4. I love the size. Makes the 3G look clunky. And yet doesn't make the screen smaller. Bravo!

    5. Screen's nice. For some reason it doesn't stand out to me as much as to other people. Except when the backlight goes off and it looks like some one put a piece of paper to demo the screen (honestly, that bugs me more than amazes me. I keep thinking it looks like one of those unusable demo phones). I mean I guess I like it but after all the hype I think it's what I expected (hey, could be worse than I expected. But it is as I expected).

    6. Haven't played with imovie yet but have bought it.

    7. ibooks is neat but definitely better on the ipad (mainly for actually looking like a book by having two pages ;).

    8. Haven't tested battery life.

    9. I like the solid feel of it

    10. The drop tests make me nervous. My 3G has been through far more drops than they did and it's screen still is non cracked or scratched (I hear it's more scratch proof than the 3GS due to not having the coating).

    11. I'd do without the oleophobic coating. People are right, it doesn't work. And apparently scratches easier than the glass (or at least than the glass used on the 3G).

    12. How can I forget speed?!!!! I mean I am pretty sure my 3G has slowed down with newer software (I think it was faster when new than it is now. Least it's more stable now. When I first got it safari was a piece of crap software that crashed constantly). But, I don't think it ever was *this* fast. And this with the iphone having a system that requires and does more.

    Anyways, overall I'm happy but really hoping they find an issue for the antenna thing and then I could easily call it perfect (well, there's that coating but that's really not something I'd hold against it, just wish they hadn't done it). If I wasn't already addicted to the iphone and it didn't have so many real big improvements over the old iphone, that problem would be enough to have me seriously consider changing. It's not a good thing and very embarassing for Apple to say the least. They really should be ashamed of themselves for not noticing that. And, sorry, but the fact that you aren't even seeing it just mentioned here but on other places including one review done before non critics got the iphone plus the fact I can reliabley (though I do have to try hard) get it to do it on both my and my roommates (and my mom can get hers to do it too) has me thinking this isn't just a small fluke.

    And I think the simplest explanation for this particular thing is design flaw vs. defect unfortunately. Which means probably deciding on if it is something that is dealable in the phone for you or if it's not acceptable and you should find another phone. I for now vote dealable (I'm willing to wait and see how annoying it is cause I think I can adjust if it's just one area to avoid. Be different if it was all the sides of the phone).
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    Oct 30, 2007
    Good write up, I'm coming from the 3G, but haven't made the move yet. Glad you like it, use it in good health. I'm still on the fence, and the antenna issue scares the bejeezus out of me.
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    Apr 14, 2010
    Washington State
    So far it actually hasn't affected me other than make me worry honestly. I'm hoping it's software (I've read some people saying it is including video of an iphone 3G running OS4 doing it). If it is a design flaw and something Apple cannot easily fix without just replacing everyone's iphone (which while they might and should eventually address the issue not sure they'd go and replace everyone who got one of the first ones).. it's not something I see really affecting me (only time will tell for sure).

    It may also depend on how bad the signal is where you live. I have yet to be able to get it to get no reception, just very little.

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