Thoughts on Apple Pay (and NFC in general)...

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    Hopefully this isn't too off topic, but is anyone else just underwhelmed by NFC in general, at least as it exists right now?

    I think my biggest complaint is that in this day and age, 2014, we still HAVE to carry a wallet around. I have to hold my driver's license, my insurance card, cash, etc.

    I think NFC will only truly take off once we get to a point in society where you can start having legitimate digital identification (something official that can be scanned), etc.

    It seems pointless right now to walk into a store and use NFC when it seemingly takes longer to use than just swiping a credit card that's already in the wallet that I am forced to carry around.

    Just my two cents.
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    Have you read none of the other Apple Pay threads?

    In a nutshell, Apple Pay isn't about leaving your wallet at home. It's far more about enhancing the security of card payments.

    Swiping your card puts your card number and other details in the hands of the merchant. Apple Pay's tokenized transactions don't since the tokens are specific to the single transaction.

    Plus in 2015 we'll see a migration away from card swipes as merchants implement EMV anyway. Just how they'll incent customers to do chip+signature vs card swape isn't clear to me yet (anyone have info?).

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