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Jul 2, 2014
Few weeks ago ANZ one of the big 4 banks in Australia brought Apple Pay into the majority of consumers. American Express already allowed their customers to use Apple Pay however only a fraction of Aussies use Amex for their daily spendings. Since the launch of ANZ Apple Pay I decided to switch my banking from Commonwealth Bank to ANZ solely because of Apple Pay. Here are my thoughts on using Apple Pay throughout the weeks. First I must say the contactless payment terminals in Australia is at worlds best. Every coffee shop to even a small Asian street shop has a POS machine which allows us to pay contactless. I was able to use my phone to pay at 7-11 Coles Woolworths and even to Top my my train pass from the MYKI machines. Moreover, I can now confidently leave all my bank cards at home and depend on my phone to make all my purchases daily. I have read many articles about how the contactless payment infrastructure in the US is still taking baby steps compared to I would say 90% of Australian retailers that accept Apple Pay. ANZ reported 20% increase of consumer application for credit/debit accounts since the launch of Apple Pay. I would say it would be stupid if the rest of the banks in Australia decides to hold back on apple pay. I feel like Consumers in Australia finally has the ability the use the future of payments even though we are two years late to the game. Again these are my thoughts and I would like to hear what everyone else has to say about their experience using Apple Pay
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Apr 10, 2015
Sydney, Australia
That's my thought too. The only thing i care about are weather service stations would offer Apple pay...

My guess is that ApplePay will work automatically with all Tap-and-Go (PayPass/PayWave) terminals, which are in place at most checkouts by now or will be very soon.
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