Thoughts on educational iPad games?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by hatizz, Mar 19, 2011.

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    Mar 19, 2011
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm thinking about developing an educational ipad game for young kids. I would appreciate it if I can collect some feedback about how parents are using iPads with their kids.

    I work in IT but volunteer part time at an after school tutoring program. I love the iPad and think it has great potentials to transform education because of its size and ability to interact with children. So I want to try to develop an app for kids to play with first and see how it goes.

    Apologies if this is against forum rules, I read the Q&A and it didn't mention anything related to these kind of questions.

    Here we go, questions below. Please answer only if you have some experience with iPad and kids.

    1. How many hours a week does your child play with the iPad? How old is the child?

    2. What type of apps does your child play with? games? education-oriented or purely for fun?

    3. How do you pick the apps and download them? Where do you find apps, just searching on the itunes stores?

    4. What is a game/app that you wish exists on the iPad targeted at your child?

    5. Do you usually play iPad games with your child? Would you play a collaborative game with your child?

    6. Are you bothered by advertisements in a game? Are there times when you are not bothered by them?

    Thanks for everyone's help!
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    Probably 2 hours/week, two boys 9 and 7.
    Yes. yes.
    Age appropriate ads are fine in a kids game, but the option to turn them off for a fee is also essential.


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