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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jdguggs10, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Since iCloud has been introduced, we have all heard about how its going to cut the chord from our iPhones and iPads, and how it is going to relegate the Mac to 'just another device'. While all of these things are going to be great for our sanity and allow us to have a more seamless experience across all of them, what I haven't heard enough coverage is how this is going to impact Apple TV.

    Recently, as you probably know, Apple added a 'purchased' tab to our Apple TVs and created a kind of 'cloud storage locker' (Gruber) for our purchased television content. It is probably safe to assume that this will be coming to movies as well. This is a necessary and welcome addition but slightly misses the point. Instead of 'purchased', the tab should just say, 'Owned TV shows', or something to that effect. The whole point of a purchased tab is have streaming access to our TV shows to watch, duh. But people own more media content than the couple seasons we have bought on iTunes. Many of us, own hundreds of gigabytes (I suppose more like a couple terabytes) of multimedia.

    How are those of us with extensive content libraries going to make best use of iCloud if there is no way for us to get our media to the cloud? My understanding of iCloud is that of a 'continuous client' (Topolsky) allowing the 'state' of our various apps to be 'pushed' across all kinds of devices. I don't think iCloud is going to be Dropbox, or anything close to it. Meaning, is the death of local storage overblown?

    Lastly, I'd like someone to explain to me how TV and Movies any different from Music? Clearly, iMatch is the answer for music. What is the hold up with movies and TV shows?
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