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Discussion in 'macOS' started by afsnyder, Jun 23, 2014.

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    I thought about this a bit and I really don't like that the apps on my phone aren't mirrored directly on my laptop. I thought of a simple solution to a few issues that have to do with the names and functions of some apps.

    Photos, Music, Videos, and App Store. (no dedicated iTunes app)

    Photos stores all your photos in the cloud and on your device. It automatically decides what stays on your device and what is erased for space and stored in the cloud whilst keeping the full resolution photo or video in the cloud and the optimized resolution on your device.

    Music stores all your music in the cloud and on your device. You manually decide what to download from the cloud and you can have it stream it if you don't want to download it. You can choose to show all or just whats downloaded, like it is now. This contains the iTunes store specifically for Music.

    Videos does the same thing as music but for videos. This contains the iTunes store specifically for Videos.

    App store stays as it is because it works fine. iTunes store is deleted and integrated into Music/Videos.

    This works for both iOS and Mac. The apps should be identical in function (at least function catered for the device) but have different UI for their respective platforms. So iPhoto is replaced with Photos, iTunes split into Music and Videos. And obviously App Store is Mac only although it would be cool to be able to simulate a touch screen for iOS apps.

    Pricing for cloud storage should be for everything backed up, or no cloud storage at all leaving you to manually sync everything except maybe purchases from iTunes and organizational data to ensure the syncing manually appears the same on all devices.

    More on organizational data...

    Music Ex:
    When you rate the song on your phone, it changes the rating on your iPad and Mac, no need to sync to get those to be the same.
    Photos Ex:
    Edits done on a laptop to a photo in Photos are automatically pushed to the one on the iPad, but if the photo doesn't exist, the photo will not be updated. If you had paid for iCloud storage, the photo would be updated in the cloud as well.
    Videos Ex:
    Videos manually synced will be up to date with names, view counts, and ratings automatically although not backed up.

    So you either manually sync everything that you want and have no iCloud backup or store everything in the cloud as a backup that you can access remotely without being forced to save it on your device. Everything syncs regardless.

    Thoughts? Clarifications needed?

    Thanks for reading.
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    I have no problem knowing that iTunes is used for playing music on OS X. I don't need to have an app called music.

    A move such as what you mentioned appears to be a dumbing down the interface and OS that makes no sense. I guess though is people don't use their computers much and are on their phones this might make sense but I'm on my computers 10 to 15 hours a day compared to my phone which is probably a combined 2 to 3 hours.

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